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 The Aha! Moment by Mariana Cooper

Ever wondered how some people seem to intuitively know what to do and when? In an interview with The Best You, Mariana Cooper explains how you can have it too

  • Tell us about the Aha! Factor and how you developed the language of answered prayer.

I was raised to believe that there was always more out there and that we were not alone. However, I did not really start to lean into what I had been learning until my fiance passed away in my late twenties. That just did not make sense to me along with my major dislike for corporate work and my deep desire to be an entrepreneur. I knew that I had to blaze a new path and recognised that as I asked questions of life, I received answers in a variety of ways. So I went on a quest to make sense of that.

  • How can we all tap into more Aha! moments and use them to channel our decisions to achieve the lives we want?

Everyone is born with the language of intuition. The energetic senses are a natural overlay on top of our physical senses. It is just a matter of first understanding what they each are and then taking notice of them in your daily life.



  • Can you share a couple of examples, either personal or from clients, where the Aha! Factor has me into play.

There are so many. I guess writing the book I would sit down and ask the question, ‘What does the reader need to know most right now?’ and I would then get a stream of consciousness and be able to write for three hours without stopping. In the energetic communication system described in the book, that is called channeling. And we all do it at one time or another. Artists, writers, actors, athletes and business people often call it ‘being in the zone’.

Also, I had a dream about my car blowing up. When I woke up I had an appointment that was very far away on the highway that morning. But I had a very strong feeling that I should pay attention to my dream. I went to the bank to get money for my appointment and there was something wrong with the accounts so I was not able to get the transaction to go through. So I paid attention to the signs and the goosebumps and chills I was getting and decided to go directly to the mechanic.

I told him about my dream and he took the car in right away and come to find out I had zero oil in the car. It would have burned out the engine and potentially blown up if I had driven the distance to my appointment!



  • As an intuitive and medium, you’ve coached and helped numerous clients towards personal success – what do you think are the common factors that hold us back from success and how can we best overcome them?

I think that not being fluent in the language of intuition is the biggest issue. When people work only from their mental minds alone it is like trying to stand a table on three legs. The intuition goes beyond where the mental mind can ever reach and should be the number one consideration instead of the mental mind alone. The thing is that everyone gets an immediate intuitive feel, but in most cases they override it with mental thoughts and lose their way.


  • You’ve worked with Doreen Virtue and studied many masters, but who inspires you in the personal development field?

I have worked with a lot of personal development folks as well. I like the work of Seth Godin, Martha Beck, Tony Robbins, Brene Brown and Brendan Burchard. Jack Canfield also comes to mind.



  • What’s next for you and the Aha! movement?

There is so much going on! I have a new online course for the book called The Aha! Factor Online Course which will launch this summer. It’s our goal to help one million people get fluent in the language of their intuition! I am working on a new TV project, doing a variety of speaking and media appearances and moving forward with developing content for my next book.



The Aha! Factor by Mariana Cooper is published by Watkins. Find out more at theahaway.com

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