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The persuaders by Philip Hesketh

In a world with infinite options, how can we convince people to choose us? Philip Hesketh knows the secrets to influence and persuasion   Choice. It’s as exhilarating as it is exhausting, but if you’re on the other side of the table how do you convince someone to pick you, your business or your products? […]

There’s a big difference between coercion and persuasion by Bernardo Moya

  If you’re anything like me, there are times in your life when you find it’s important to persuade other people. It might be something obvious, like discussing a business deal, or it might even be simply deciding where to go on holiday with the family. That second example highlights a really important point about […]

Influencing persuasion by John LaValle

  John La Valle, President of the Society of NLP, is one of the most sought-after business trainers in the world. Here he gives us an insight into the art of persuasion. When most people consider
the idea of Persuasion and Influence, they automatically think: Business and Sales. And, yet, we are engaging in these activities […]