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Follow your paths by Emilie Wapnick

For multipotentialite Emilie Wapnick, life’s about following every opportunity that ignites something within you     When I was 17, a school advisor asked our class to anonymously submit our college-related questions. As the advisor read my question aloud, a look of confusion swept over the room. ”Are we allowed to take maths classes?” she […]

Book Extract: Think And Grow Rich – The Power Of Dreams – By Napoleon Hill

  The Best You Can Be looks at one of the great works of Personal Development, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich – and the secret of a dream that is realised.   Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich is an absolute classic of Personal Development.  Hill spent 25 years speaking with the most successful people of […]

Three Ways To Turn Failure into Success – Napoleon Hill

    Three Ways To Turn Failure into Success – Napoleon Hill Napoleon Hill made a study of the world’s most successful people. Something he noticed was they never experienced “Failure”. If something didn’t work for them, they learned from the experience and moved on. “Failure” was never the end of the process, but a […]