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Life Lessons For Greatness by Jamelle Sanders

When most people see me today it is hard for them to believe that I have experienced lots of failure in my life. Everyone sees the magazines, media attention and awards. However, very few people see the years of struggle, failure and adversity that have made me who I am today. It is troubling to […]

“I ditched my secure job to take an artistic dream of a lifetime” by Karen Neale

Karen Neale shares her experience of being awarded a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship to travel across Europe to document UNESCO heritage sites   “My passion is sketching and painting the world around me. Ever since leaving school I have kept a sketchbook with me, all through my training, qualifying and working as  an architect. Then, […]

Up Your Vitality and Feel Great by Dr. Pedram Shojai

Getting healthy, says Dr. Pedram Shojai, starts with our attitude. Most people come to the world of health when something goes wrong, a doctor sounds a warning, a spouse complains, or a friend beats us in sport.   Many people end up caring about health when it is very late in the game. Instead of […]

A Passionate Interview with Barrie Davenport by Jodi Chapman

  I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend, Barrie Davenport, today! You may already know her from her amazing blog, Live Bold and Bloom – a wonderful site to help you embrace your life. Barrie has been a sweet friend and mentor to me – she has a huge heart and so much valuable insight. Barrie is […]

You Have to Start-by Will Edwards

  The above photo reminds me of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio running down those corridors as the Titanic was sinking. Every now and then, they would get to a place where the water was too deep for them to pass through the corridor. But … there was always another way! On your journey to success, […]

How to live a more meaningful life: An open invitation by Bobbi Emel

  I invite you on a journey.   I am on a path to make my life more rich and meaningful, and I encourage you to come along with me.   Because I’m approaching my 50th year, I find myself wondering about my place in the world. What is my purpose here? What will my friends […]