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Ludo Lefebvre: A Taste for All

  Ludo Lefebvre was raised in Burgundy, France. Taken early on by the desire to craft and cook specialty cuisines, his father got him his first job at a local restaurant. The hope was that his son would be discouraged from the profession, but to the contrary, it was where Ludo began his love affair […]

Guy Laliberté: The World Is His Stage

  Hailing from French Canada, Guy Laliberté was born in 1959. He was enthralled by show business from a young age. He began staging performing arts events while still in school, however, these weren’t typical plays. Fire breathers and acrobats were more Laliberté’s style. After finishing school, he caught on with a traveling show and […]

Marie Antoinette: Royals Just Want To Have Fun

  Marie Antoinette lived and died at the height of true royalty. Born to Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Theresa in Vienna, Austria in 1755 and raised amidst multilingual surroundings. Her education consisted of significant linguistic tutoring, but more emphasis was placed on refining manners and appearance. At just 15 years old, […]