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Top 6 universities by The Best You

Back to school… but where are the world’s best universities? According to higher education data specialist QS, English universities still dominate education’s elite   1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Founded in 1861, Cambridge, Massachusetts MIT’s reputation as a tech specialist institution stems from World War II and the Cold War when researchers worked on the […]

Dorothy Hodgkin: Molecular Mapper

  “I was captured for life by chemistry and by crystals.”   Born in 1910 to parents that were both Egypt-focused archaeologists, Dorothy Hodgkin experienced a bumpy, cross-cultural upbringing in both Egypt and England. As the inevitability of the outbreak of World War I became apparent, Hodgkin’s parents, rather than returning to the much more […]

Rocky road to Success. Julie Deane: Inspiringly Innovative

  There are many motives for starting a business, and Julie Deane’s is one of the purest. Concerned that her daughter was being bullied at her school in Cambridge, Julie Deane realised that she couldn’t afford the fees to move her to a public school. Determined to protect her, she wrote a list of the […]