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What are you worth? Ann Wilson

For Ann Wilson, self value should be your first consideration if you are to achieve your maximum financial potential Do you ever say any of the following? I’ll start saving and investing when I’ve got some spare money I’ll go dance/paint/ride my motorbike (apply whichever excites you) when I’ve got some free time I’ll play […]

The Purpose of Pain by Alex Blackwell

  Emotional pain, like physical pain, can tell you something. Although not pleasant and very uncomfortable to endure, the pain you have suffered in your life can create tremendous value and purpose if you allow it to do so. Last Friday night Mary Beth and I were driving home from a rare dinner alone. The […]

The Startup World’s Big Miss by Jonathan Fields

  Over the last 5 years, we’ve seen the release of a stream of books like Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup that do a wonderful job of systematizing a near-maniacal focus on the customer. Especially assumptions about the customer.   Doing so makes it more likely that you’ll end up building a product and company that serves a genuine […]

How to be an effective Intrepreneur by Emma Vites

Intrepreneurship is on the rise! It is the practice of using entrepreneurial skills without taking on the risks or accountability associated with entrepreneurial activities. Emma Vites explains.   Entrepreneurship has been defined as “the process of creating value by bringing together a unique combination of resources to exploit an opportunity.” Intrepreneurship can been defined similarly, […]

Value Added – Tips for Selling a Business, by Jo Haigh

  When a property doesn’t sell, an estate agent worth their fee may recommend that some rectification or improvement work could improve the selling chances. For instance, just because you like deep purple walls, this doesn’t appeal to everyone. There’s nothing like a nice coat of magnolia to improve that first impression! Likewise adding a […]

Increasing the value of your company by Andy Hurst

  Andy Hurst tells us why it is important to add value to our businesses. A business owner said to me last week: “Why should I be interested in driving asset value when I have no intention of selling my business?” It’s a reasonable question. And one to which there are lots of answers. Here […]