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Make The Life YOU Want by Susan Armstrong

Tried the Law of Attraction? Here’s the fine print for getting the life you desire Have you ever wondered why, if the Law of Attraction works so well, and is seemingly so easy, it’s so difficult to actually implement it with any degree of success? I know for many of us it’s easy with the […]

Professionally Speaking by Susan Armstrong

Susan Armstrong shares shares her five tips for a powerful presentation   You cannot not communicate. Did you know that? And all communication is influence. Therefore, you cannot not influence. Like it or not, every day, all day you are influencing people as to what to think about you. Do they like you? Trust you? Find […]

How to get unstuck by Susan Armostrong

Susan Armstrong offers a lesson in overcoming self-limiting beliefs     The other day I was watching the animals in my backyard. As an animal lover I have a bird feeder/squirrel feeder… because, you know, you can’t keep the squirrels out of a birdfeeder so I just make sure there is something for everyone… and […]

September 2013

  Welcome to our September issue of The Best You. Gracing our cover this month is none other than the godmother of children’s literature, JK Rowling. Throughout her young adulthood she experienced many difficulties, from tumultuous relationships to an onslaught of rejection from dozens of publishing houses. Two decades later she is one of the […]

Time to break free by Susan Armstrong

  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Susan Armstrong, professional speaker, author and trainer brings us five ways to break free of the invisible prison we keep ourselves in.   It’s taken a long time to dismantle the prison I kept myself in, but it’s been worth it. My life is […]