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Make The Life YOU Want by Susan Armstrong

Tried the Law of Attraction? Here’s the fine print for getting the life you desire

Have you ever wondered why, if the Law of Attraction works so well, and is seemingly so easy, it’s so difficult to actually implement it with any degree of success? I know for many of us it’s easy with the small things: we set our intention, let it go, and poof!, magically whatever it is we desire comes true – we get the work we want, or the blouse is on sale, or a great rate on a holiday… But the larger, more important things we desire – like happiness, success, our dream job or home, or meeting our soul mate, remain seemingly out of reach.

I know I’m not alone in my musing of this. The book, The Law of Attraction created a lot of interest in our ability to manifest the life of our dreams, because it seems so simple, and yet, so elusive at the same time.

I know plenty of people who only want what we all want and deserve: inner peace and happiness. Yet, no matter how hard they try they can’t seem to attract, manifest, or bring about peace and happiness in their lives. I’ll bet we all know young people who are desperately trying to get a job; or friends and family members who are trying to find love; people who just want what we would consider to be the basics for our existence. You, reading this, may be looking and wishing for some change in your life. So, if the Law of Attraction is so simple and works so well – which it does – then why are these things still out of reach for so many of us?

The answer lies in The Law of Alignment.

The Law of Alignment simply means that the insides must match the outsides, to put it in a very simple way. For example, I can set my intention on being a women’s basketball player, release it to the universe, make a vision board, pray about it every day, but I seriously doubt I’m ever going to be a women’s basketball player. Why? Because it’s not who I am. It’s not in alignment with what I’m supposed to do. I am a teacher of human potential – that’s who I am and that’s what I do. So, if I understand this and am in alignment with who I am, why then, can’t I manifest the big desires that I have?

The Law of Alignment also means that while I say I want to be a millionaire, deep down, I don’t believe I deserve it, or, I don’t believe it’s possible and so, I will never be a millionaire. Why? Because my own beliefs about myself, my deserving, or my belief on what is possible in this life is blocking it.

This is something I have been observing in myself and others for a long time and here’s my conclusion: the reason we can bring about the day-to-day things with ease is that there are no barriers to their existence in our mind. For example, if I would like a particular piece of business, or, to get a certain seat on a plane it seems to magically happen without much effort on my part. Why? Because I believe that it’s possible, that there is no reason that these things can’t happen. They are within my reach and within my realm of understanding. This is the Law of Alignment: the inner self is ready, willing, and able to accommodate the manifestation of these things. So what does this mean for the really big things we desire: the change in jobs, financial status, happiness, or relationships? Why are the big, really important things we wish to manifest for ourselves so elusive? Because if there are barriers or blocks between us and those really big things we desire, then they will not manifest.

What blocks your manifesting?

Let’s look at this a little deeper. Take for example, my friend, who really desperately would like to find love, and is still single. Someone is out there for her, just waiting to materialise in her life, what’s stopping it from happening is that while my friend really truly wants to find love, deep down she doesn’t believe she deserves it. She feels unworthy, not good enough, not lovable. And as long as that belief remains, finding love will be elusive. To all of those people who read the book, The Law of Attraction, and made vision boards with pictures of big houses and lots of money, and then wondered why it never came true I say it’s because while your conscious mind really wanted it to, deep down you never really believed it would, or that you were deserving of wealth, and so, it didn’t come true.

I really would like to see my book, An Invisible Prison, made into a movie, because, let’s face it, it has everything a good movie should have – it’s a triumph over evil story, it’s a love story, it has violence and sex, it’s funny and sad and makes you angry all at the same time, it has a happy ending, and it’s true! I mean really, who could want more in a film? And yet… manifesting this seems to elude me. Why? Because I’m pretty sure that somewhere buried in my sub-conscious is the belief that this can’t happen, that it’s too big, that ‘people like me’ don’t have their books turned into movies – that’s for someone else, that no-one would want to watch the movie, that it’s a ridiculous fantasy and that it will never come true.

Now I don’t consciously believe any of these things, but, as we know, it’s not our conscious mind that’s running the show, it’s our darned sub-conscious mind where all of our fears, doubts, and insecurities hide and control our actions and decision-making. And as long as there are any lingering doubts or disbeliefs, no matter how small or deeply buried, the Universe will not respond. This is the Law of Alignment – our insides, our beliefs must match that which we desire. I must fully believe that it’s possible and that I am deserving before it will happen.

So exactly what does all of this mean for our ability to manifest? It means that we need to pay attention to the fine print consisting of the Law of Alignment. We need to root out those thoughts of ‘not good enough’ or deserving enough, not talented or lucky enough, not lovable, and blah, blah, blah… the list goes on and on, we all know what it sounds like.

Here are a couple of things we can do to start to come into alignment and increase our ability to manifest:

• Pay attention to your inner self, catch the thoughts and voices when they arise, and, it’s not enough to just push them away, not listen to them and pretend they aren’t there, you need to get rid of them. When you have one of those, ‘Yeah, who do you think you are? you don’t deserve…’ moments, go to your mental rolodex of memories and remember all the great things you have done and why you do deserve the good things in life! You need to prove the negative thoughts wrong.

• Pay attention as you go through your day and look for proof that what those voices and thoughts are telling you is wrong. Practise daily.

• Learn to love and appreciate yourself; who you are, what you do well. We all have characteristics we don’t like. Instead of dwelling on negatives, focus on positive things about yourself and your life. If you don’t know what they are… then go and ask the people you trust. Scary, I know, but a powerful exercise.

• When manifesting, be careful to set your intention on what you do want, not what you don’t. Negativity invites negativity and limits the flow of energy and positive things. For example, instead of saying, ‘I don’t want….’ change that to ‘I want…’

I, for one, have faith that if we practise this routine of clearing away the dis-believing part of us, we will be able to manifest our big desires as well as the day-to-day ones.

Now, what about you? What are the blocks residing inside of you that prevent you from finding love, happiness, a new job, or whatever else it is you desire? What are you going to commit to do to help you manifest the life you desire? I have a suggestion: start small, set your intention right now on something you would like and then place your attention on bringing it into reality. The Universe always rewards action, and to quote master teacher

Deepak Chopra it’s about, ‘Intention and attention’. Happy manifesting!

Susan Armstrong is a personal growth teacher, author and trainer living in the UK.

Visit susanarmstrongspeaks.com for more information and to sign up for her 18 June Stop Standing In Your Own Way! workshop.

Susan Armstrong

Susan Armstrong is an internationally known Professional Speaker, Author of An Invisible Prison, award-winning Trainer, Talk-Radio Host and Personal-Growth Teacher specializing in inspiring and transforming her program participants’ lives through the power of action. Susan provides concrete strategies to assist people in re-wiring their thought processes and behavior in order to find happiness, success and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. Susan has helped over 50,000 people around the world transform their personal and professional lives beginning with her first client – herself.

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