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The Pokemon Go craze and how it can boost your marketing by Sharon Callix

  If you keep up with the news all over the world, you will notice that even with all of the serious world crisis issues that we are taking place right now, there is one report that is becoming extremely common in all newspaper and social media news report sites. That one thing is Pokemon […]

Up Your Vitality and Feel Great by Dr. Pedram Shojai

Getting healthy, says Dr. Pedram Shojai, starts with our attitude. Most people come to the world of health when something goes wrong, a doctor sounds a warning, a spouse complains, or a friend beats us in sport.   Many people end up caring about health when it is very late in the game. Instead of […]

Changing The Rules Of The Game To Become Extraordinary by Bernardo Moya

  With the Olympics about to come to London, Bernardo Moya discusses the skills it takes to get ahead – and how to develop the ability to face problems with fresh eyes. The video above is a great example of doing something other than what’s expected of you, and using your brains rather than following […]