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Just juice by Jason Vale

We are delighted to announce that best-selling health and nutrition author Jason Vale, aka the Juice Master, is set to speak at The Best You Exhibition. In the first of a series of articles, he shares his recipe of the month     Hot ‘n’ Reddy:     Ingredients: 1 raw beetroot 1/4 pink grapefruit […]

The truth behind five-a-day by Zoë Harcombe

  Five-a-day is the best-known health message in 25 countries and 3 continents. Zoë Harcombe looks at the origin, evidence, and nutritional facts. They may surprise you.   Ask the next person who tells you to eat five-a-day where this slogan comes from. Odds are, they won’t know.   Five-a-day was invented by the American […]

A raw deal

    When you hear the word “diet”, the first things you probably think about are all those fad diets – the Atkins, the Ornish, the Pritkin. You’d be forgiven for thinking that rawism is just another fad, but The Best You is here to tell you differently. According to Web MD, rawism, or the […]