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Who dares wins – The adventurous life of Bear Grylls

He’s an ex-SAS trooper, climbed Mount Everest after breaking his back, his shows have more than a billion viewers, he’s a heartthrob, a deeply committed Christian and family man. So how did Bear Grylls get to be… Bear Grylls?   First, that name. His real name is Edward Michael Grylls, but the nickname was awarded […]

Percy Fawcett: A Life Of Adventure

  Percy Fawcett was ensconced in adventure and intrigue his entire life. Fawcett drew on the inspirations of his family to become one of the most enigmatic explorers of the modern age. Fawcett’s studies drew him to the field of mapmaking. Driven by a desire to make the unknown known, he began to explore. Fawcett […]