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25 Productive Things You Can Do While Watching TV by Mike Vardy

  Want to know an easy-to-implement “secret” that could dramatically increase your productivity? It’s a very simple concept you may have heard of. It’s called multitasking.   You see, the average person watches television for nearly 3 hours every single day. Imagine if you used that time to simultaneously get other things done. Granted, most of us have […]

A-la-la-la Zumba by The Best You

The Latin dance / fitness craze of Zumba has taken the world by storm. So how did it start and what does it involve? The Best You reports.   We are told that a great memory will help us get on in life, but the story of Zumba shows how being forgetful and able to […]

Your feet are made for walking…

The Best You looks at the health and mental benefits of stepping on out and walking to fitness and creativity… Keeping fit needn’t be a chore. In fact, raising your fitness level, getting your heart beating faster and flooding your mind and body with a sense of wellbeing can be as easy as putting one […]