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Inspired Moments by The Best You

With our recent and upcoming seminar programmes, The Best You is creating even more opportunities to be inspired by the personal development industry’s biggest names At The Best You, our mission is to guide people on the path to their greatest selves, and October saw an incredible series of events including our first ever NLP […]

Brian is the Mayne Event: an interview with Brian Mayne

Recognised as one of the leading voices in goal-setting and motivation, Brian Mayne has a distinct British approach to personal development. So how did the one-time illiterate showman become a trainer in the Tony Robbins development programme and go on to create Goal-mapping?   Brian Mayne claims descent from both the Smart family of Smart’s […]

Master Your Goals In 2013

  An inspirational speaker, author and teacher, Brian Mayne, creator of the world-leading achievement system ‘Goal Mapping’, shares his experience on how you should start off 2013 … The New year is here and it’s the perfect time for setting goals. goal-setting is actually something that everyone does all the time, but don’t know they […]

December 2012

With world-leading Master of Change, Paul McKenna on the cover, you just know the December of The Best You magazine is going to be fantastic! Inside the December 2012 edition: Bernardo Moya interviews Paul McKenna about the world-famous hypnotist’s views on education and training Video interview with Paul Connolly, author of Against All Odds, about […]