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Find yourself in magical Marrakech

Unlike city breaks that leave you drained, a visit to Morocco’s bewitching second city will energise, excite and enchant When a man is tired of Marrakech, he is tired of life. That might be a slight adaptation of Samuel Johnson’s quote, but it’s arguably more apt in reference to the ancient Moroccan town which has […]

10 Places I Have To See Before I Die by Jeff Nickles

  I am passionate about traveling the world.  I also believe that in order to accomplish anything that you must be very intentional about it.  You have to name it to claim it.  Therefore, I have created a list of ten absolutely incredible places that I want to be sure to visit before I die.  […]

We Support: Challenge for Life

  Set up by the late Elise Roberts in July 2010, Elise for Life aimed to raise money to help the hospital she was at with research, and the treatment, care, and support of so many people affected by cancer.   On 4 January 2010, just 11 days after she got engaged, Elise Roberts was […]