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How Kissing Tells You Plenty About Business by Gerry Robert


Just think back to the first time you kissed someone of the opposite sex. Remember how exciting (or scary, for some) it was? What does selling have to do with kissing? Gerry Robert, best-selling author of the Millionaire Mindset, reckons kissing is a perfect metaphor for selling.


Let’s look at all the aspects to this first kiss and you will see that if you are a good kisser, you will be a good salesperson or businessperson.


The first rule of KISS and sell is knowing who you want to kiss. Determine exactly whom you want to sell to. You wouldn’t just go around kissing anyone now would you? You would look for someone who matched a certain criterion of someone you would want to do this activity with.


It seems that many companies, entrepreneurs and salespeople go after just about anyone. They really don’t have any idea of who the ideal client is. They don’t even know, for the most part, if the person has enough interest in them or not.


What we see, far too often, is salespeople going around giving small kisses to a great number of people looking to find the a hot kisser. They were told by their friends that kissing is a numbers game. If you kiss one hundred people, you will find at least one person who will be interested. You’ll make one sale for every hundred prospects.


That might be right, but the problem is, it takes a long time trying to find the one who will buy. Also, being rejected 99 per cent of the time is no fun, especially when you have such a fun activity to engage in.


The second rule is make sure they are leaning towards you. The sale is the goal. Sure you might be nervous. Does this ideal prospect want to buy? How do you tell? How can you know for sure if you should take the plunge and try to make the sales? So ask yourself, are they leaning towards you?


You can’t kiss someone who is leaning away from you, and it’s the same with selling. Cold calling is the approach most people take today. Who likes to kiss someone they don’t even know? Not me!


If you want to have a good first kiss, make sure that the prospect is leaning toward you. Preferably get them to call you. Instead of chasing them, I recommend get them interested. Give them an irresistible offer and wait for them to approach you.


Third rule, have a clear idea of the target. If you are going to kiss someone, you must have a clear idea of where the kiss is going to land. Once you know what you want to do, then you must fix your attention on that and make sure you are not sidetracked. You must accomplish the objective. You must achieve the outcome you set out to achieve.


Selling and kissing are so much alike. In kissing for the first time, it is so easy to get off track. You might get scared and decide not to kiss. That’s a wrong move, don’t chicken out, do it.


Sometimes you get scared and decide not to attempt to close. Maybe on the first kiss you decide that a kiss on the cheek is all you want to attempt. Then as you get closer you want to kiss on the lips. You allow other things to change your course of action. If you are on a fact-finding mission than find the facts and get out. If you are there to make the sale, kiss quickly and leave.


Final rule, only kiss if you intend to marry. One kiss often leads to more kisses. It’s natural. So, one sale should lead to another. We can safely say, through our vast experience at kissing and selling, the best person to kiss is the person to whom you have made a lifetime commitment to. Marriage has permanency, trust, commitment, respect and honor.


If you want to sell someone, our suggestion that the best approach is to sell them as you would court and marry them. Marriage is based upon communication. So many people sell hard and never call after the sale. Imagine building a marriage if one spouse only called twice a year! The relationship would die; the same applies to business.


The old way of selling uses manipulation to get a kiss or sale. It’s a one-night stand model. We must sell with a view to long-term, trusting relationships. This will ensure happier customers, more consistent incomes and much higher referral rates.

Gerry Robert

Gerry Robert is the international bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset. Gerry has been working in marketing his entire career and has a wealth of experience to bring to the table. Gerry brought himself out of poverty to earning over $1Million in a single year. Now he’s a mentor to some of the highest income earners in numerous industries. He cares about people and is great at what he does. His ideas are not conventional. He is provocative and innovative. He gives practical ideas and strategies to build almost any business. He is the father of three boys and married for over 20 years to Anne, his teenage sweetheart. He is also a former minister.

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