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Working together for A Better World

Introducing some of our fantastic new partners: Chasing Coral and TreeSisters.

At The Best You we are passionate about the business of professional, personal, financial, spiritual, mental and physical self-improvement. Supporting, guiding and encouraging people to live their best lives is what we love doing – and we’re very good at it.

However, personal development is only part of the picture. Your journey needs to make a positive impact on the wider world, otherwise it’s less self-development and more ‘self-ish’ work.

The Best You is proud to bring you The Best You: A Better World, our new initiative and a unique addition to the personal development industry. The Best You: A Better World focuses on highlighting and supporting the incredible charities, social enterprises, non-profits and individuals who strive to make the world a better place for all.
The Best You believes that education and personal development lead to empowerment, and that only by working together with exceptional organisations and individuals can we create positive global change. There is no single solution to global issues like poverty, the spread of disease, pollution or climate change, but by joining forces our voices become stronger.

Together, we can create ever-greater awareness and pay it forward to contribute towards a better world. This is The Best You’s mission, and we invite you to join our journey. On the following pages, we will introduce some of our fatastic new partners: A21, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Plastic Oceans.

For more information and to show your support, contact us at [email protected]

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“The Best You” is a pioneering personal development company dedicated to helping individuals achieve their fullest potential. Founded by Bernardo Moya, the company offers a range of services including transformative events, educational programs, and a vibrant community platform. By providing access to leading experts, inspiring content, and practical tools, The Best You aims to empower people all around the globe.

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