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Why immigrants make it big in America by Ron G. Holland


More than thirty years ago, Ron G Holland lived in the U.S. for six years. Since then, he’s been back many times, and he has interviewed hundreds of financially successful immigrants and researched thousands of others.


I believe the mindset of immigrants may help you to smash whatever barriers that are in your way to creating wealth and happiness and help you to grab whatever it is that you are looking for in your own life.


On arriving in the States, many working-class immigrants quickly realise that the streets are not paved with gold, so they get to work, often doing menial jobs to create cash flow and feed their families. Many times they take on two or three jobs at one time, but they rarely complain.


At the same time, they educate themselves by buying business magazines, looking for opportunities, and talking to others in the community about where the money is. They are not seeking out the least line or resistance or get-rich-quick schemes. Often they go back to basics and start businesses where there is a real demand for the product or service. They may start a gardening or a car valeting service, they may clean windows professionally, or they may collect waste cardboard or scrap metal; all are real businesses that generate good cash flow. Very quickly they learn how to leverage this income into rental property or they open their own restaurants or car repair businesses.


They don’t feel sorry for themselves having to work their way up the ranks; in fact, they treat it like some kind of challenge. They don’t care if they can’t get home every night to shower and watch the television. More often than not, they choose to sleep on the workshop or office floor and make an early start in the morning, cranking up their business early and getting a jump on their competitors.


Many times, immigrants are already street wise; if they are not, they become so very quickly. They don’t fall for all the guff and hyperbole about how you can make millions overnight on the Internet. They know intuitively that to do this you need a certain skillset and mindset, and they also know that many of the people making money on the Internet are doing so by showing others how to make money on the Internet. This is why they often choose conventional, no-nonsense businesses that make money from day one. By using their eyes and ears they see massive potential everywhere they look and they move very quickly on their ideas. They have the ‘fire in the belly’, and if you haven’t got this, you need to cultivate it by reading motivational books and watching inspirational videos.


Finally, they know how to get in the zone and stay there. They know that every problem has its solution, and they do whatever it takes to succeed and make money. Nothing is too much trouble and they keep in the zone by thinking positive thoughts, by ‘seeing’ in their imaginations into the future, by constantly keeping in their mind’s eye what they want for themselves and their families.

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