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What would it be to like to live the dream? by Craig Beazley

Ask yourself this. What would it be like to Live The Dream? What is the Dream? And how can you achieve the Dream? All questions posed to me at different points. Let me explain…

Firstly the Dream is whatever you make it. However to get anywhere in life you have to have one. All those years ago when I was working in retail I still had a dream, which I am now fulfilling.

I could have sat back and chilled out. True, it would have paid all the bills, but what would I have look back on. There would be no journey and as Del Boy confirmed in Only Fools and Horses, that’s the fun part.

This journey never ever needs to end though.

Anyone can live the dream. Here is how:

1) You can freshen up any challenge. You can earn more. You can be more. But embrace the journey you are on. For every difficulty brings a positivity.

2) Never lose hope and never let that dream die. You need to put your heart into it. You can make it. In fact this is true for any profession. Look at some of the richest people on Earth and they made it despite many falls.

3) Challenge yourself and challenge others. Never put anyone else down and don’t let negative criticism get you down. Prove the doubters wrong.

4) It’s true, you won’t always come out on top. Put it behind you but don’t forget about it. Learn from your lessons and next time you’ll do it better. Once you do, you can do it better again!

5) And finally, live life, enjoy life. If you don’t enjoy what you do, if it doesn’t feature in your dream, CHANGE! Don’t be frightened of failing.

Remember Live the Dream. If you believe it is possible then it will most definitely be possible!

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