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What Does It Take To Leave A Job? Be It Well Paying Or Not! by Sally Anderson


I was asked to write on the above subject today considering the amount of people out there that live in a world of thinking about/talking about making the move into the vocation of their dreams but do not.  I thought that this was a great topic for a blog today!

I would hate to think of the amount of people I have partnered in the past decade to find their passion, make the jump from the conformity of a paid salary and live their dreams, the list is endless.  Needless to say it is a very rewarding vocation doing what I do for to play witness to what it takes is BEYOND fulfilling!

That being said I know what it takes to jump!  I even created an entire brand and wrote a book as a result called ‘Freefall – Living Life Beyond the Edge’ – refer www.freefallbook.com.

Now I am not discrediting those that love their job and love getting a secure paid income every week, that is not in question.  What is in question are those people out there, and they are in the millions, who are disgruntled by the system and want to leave ‘their job’ but do not due to fear of the unknown.

I have always said it and I will say it again, going out in your own business is not about starting up a business, that is semantics in my books, it’s all about taking on your identity as you know it for the beliefs and values surface in the unknown realm that never show up in the known realm when you receive a safe salary every week.

The one and only reason people do not take the leap of faith, and I challenge anyone to question me on this, is the HOW – HOW is ALWAYS the death nail to all possibility.  When the focus is on the HOW it releases people from having to be responsible for making the break.  Now do not get me wrong, I am not an advocate for creating financial irresponsibility but anyone if they were committed would transition smart.  There is always a way to the one who is committed.

The focus should never be on the HOW it should always be on the decision to jump and the desired action required to make it happen – HOW and the excuse of money or time are relinquishment buckets to avoid jumping.  I am here to tell you it is NEVER about the HOW, the money or time, it is always about your belief, yes your belief people!  The HOW always reveals itself as a reward for having jumped – how do you like them apples?  When you move providence moves too, but first YOU have to move!

When I went out on my own I was $70,000 in debt and did not transition smart – I learnt the hard way.  I could write a book on how not to do it, makes sense that I now partner people off the back of my own experience on how to do it, smart!

Here are my Top 10 Tips on what you need to do to JUMP – brace yourself:-

1.  NEVER focus on the HOW – otherwise another month will go by, another year will go by and you will STILL be thinking about, talking about it – only ever focus on the specific ACTION you need to take – HOW is just an avoidance mechanism and it lets you off the hook – how do we prove this?  If you truly wanted to know the HOW you would have worked it out by now, hello!!!!

2.  Transition Smart – Get the right advice, not from family, not from a traditional establishment, someone who has done it, someone who believes in you, someone who has the skill base to guide you – often family and traditional establishments will do transference of their own fear and that is no good for the person who wants to jump!

3.  Make The Decision To Jump – it’s not the other way around.  Sure check the parachute, check the gear, but here’s the deal, you are denying the magic of what is about to occur every day, month, year you let slip by avoiding the inevitable.  Magic only happens when YOU LET GO.  Every day that you are in the way you are not making a difference in the lives of those you know you were destined to assist

4.  Stop Selling Out To Fear – this is another relinquishment bucket. Fear is only a function of being disconnected feeding past and or future based projections.  If you do choose to jump you will become well acquainted with fear for it will become your ally not your enemy – you will see how funny fear really is for you move beyond it for it is not real, never was, never is – but until you jump you will not see the humour in it

5.  DON’T Jump Without Support – time and time again I see solopreneurs struggling, sabotaging their dream for they are too proud to ask for support.  They have some screwy view that if they do not do it on their own and prove it to themselves that they can, they are a failure – here’s the deal, NO ONE who has achieved any level of success, did not elicit support AND they know that this is their biggest strength.  So go out there and set up your own Mastermind Group of like-minded individuals, get yourself a coach/mentor, train yourself daily to ask for help, allow contribution, and make requests – yes daily – this powerfully displays to the universe that you are operating from a state of ABUNDANCE.  DO NOT try doing everything on your own that is just martyrdom

6.  Work To Plan Religiously – I know, I know, hum drum basics but do you know that 90% of projects fail because people do not work to plan – so if you are going to do anything in a given day ensure you are working to a pre-thought out strategy and that you manage each task, be your word and have someone to hold you accountable outside of yourself.  Working to plan guarantees success

7.  Avoid The Naysayers – When you jump and go for what you want surround yourself with people who are successful, who believe in you.  Who you associate with speaks volumes for your listening/belief in yourself.  The naysayers come out of the wood work and love bringing you down to their level.  More fool you if you tolerate having them in your presence

8.  Discipline Every thought Every Day To Only EVER Be Focused On What Forwards The Game – I live my life by this statement THINK, DO, SAY, BE – Forward Game – every single thought I have forwards my game, if it doesn’t I do not think it.  It takes practice and a high level of integrity and discipline but any elite athlete will tell you they would never have achieved what they have if they did not learn the art of discipline.  The benefit of adopting this approach – OUR GAME GETS FORWARDED!

9.  Learn To Be Selfish BIG TIME – If you truly wish to be successful in any endeavour you have to learn to be selfish with your time.  This is a hard one for people to get their head around.  Most people relate to selfish as being negative, on the contrary, there is always a positive context to everything and there is with ‘being selfish’ also.  You have to learn to say no, you have to learn to make hard decisions in the listening of others, you have to put yourself first – When I learnt this it changed my life.  You will be judged for it, criticized for it, but hey, those who judge you do not deserve to be in your life – if they truly believed in you they would acknowledge what it takes

10.  Spirit First, Life Second – Number 10 is the almighty most powerful one when you are out on your own.  To operate in a co-creative fashion with your faith you are unstoppable.  Operating devoid of your faith is too hard.  When you walk in co-creation with spirit you are a formidable force to be reckoned with.  Stepping out in alignment with trusting your faith, spirit, the unknown, is a guaranteed bank balance.  NB Maybe not a guaranteed bank balance when YOU expect it but all in good time as recompense for having trusted.  A great teacher once told me ‘The Law Of Compensation, although slow, is thorough’, LOVED IT, and SO true

So in closing today, I am the wrong person to be talking to if you do not wish to jump, but if you are ready to jump then know this, you ARE ALWAYS SUPPORTED and all you have to do is trust in this knowing!

If you believe it is time to JUMP once and for all, then consider calling one of the Freefall Team on 09 488 6764 or book in for a 1 hour free no obligation consultation session with one of our Certified Freefall Coaches   Sally Anderson    http://www.freefallselfimprovement.com/what-does-it-take-to-leave-a-job-be-it-well-paying-or-not/

The Best You

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