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Breakthrough Breast Cancer is determined to stop breast cancer from taking the women we love. Our cutting-edge research is focused entirely on breast cancer. We’re discovering how to prevent it, how to detect it earlier, and how to treat it more effectively.


We’re taking on breast cancer at every stage and for every woman, learning how to control and outwit the disease so that, one day, we can stop it from taking lives.


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK; one in eight women will face it. Half a million people are living with it. And yet, despite significant advances in treatment and care, we still can’t stop breast cancer from taking the women we love.


In just 25 years, our research has begun to answer some of the biggest questions about breast cancer. We’ve discovered more than ever before about what causes the disease. We’ve found ways to diagnose breast cancer earlier and we’ve developed innovative new treatments. But women are still getting breast cancer. And women are still dying from it.


This month alone, 1,000 women will lose their lives to this terrible disease – and more women are being diagnosed every day. Breast cancer is not yesterday’s problem. There’s still so much that needs to be done.


That’s why we’re beginning a new era of life-saving breast cancer research – a new way forward that will help us stop breast cancer for good. We’ve talked to patients and their families, leading scientists and experts, and doctors confronted daily with the disease, and together we’ve identified a clear and ambitious direction that will mean we save more lives, faster.


We’ll bring leading researchers together and give them the freedom to pursue bold ideas. We’ll unite scientists and doctors from around the world in pioneering centres of excellence, where they can work at the cutting edge of breast cancer research. And we’ll use our influence to make sure this research is translated into practical benefits for everyone who faces this terrible disease.


Over the coming years, we need to double our investment in our ground-breaking research so that we can save more lives faster. But we can’t do it alone. We’ll need to invest at least £100 million in funding the most cutting-edge breast cancer research in the world – research that has the power to put an end to breast cancer, once and for all.

We’re depending on your support to make that happen.


Will you help us stop breast cancer for good? For more information visit www.breakthrough.org.uk





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