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Success Seminar 2014

5th July 2014 | ExCeL London


The Success Seminar has previously hosted international success icons such as Sir Richard Branson, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Anthony Robbins, Donald Trump, and Robert Kiyosaki.


This year will feature Chris Gardner, the author of The Pursuit of Happyness, a New York Times and Washington Post #1 bestseller based on his life story and the inspiration behind the movie of the same name. The author will share how he was given the opportunity to leave behind his life of poverty and climb to the top of the financial industry from the very bottom.


Les Brown, one of the world’s most renowned and highly sought after motivational speakers, Duncan Bannatyne of Dragon Den fame, and many other speakers will share their personal strategies for success.


Learn how to get results in your business for now and in the future at the biggest success event of the year!


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Anthony Robbins’ Business Mastery

15th – 19th July 2014 | Ibis London, Earls Court


Devised by world-renowned business leader Anthony Robbins and developed with some of the brightest business minds in the world, The Seven Forces of Business Mastery have allowed thousands of businesses to thrive despite one of the worst economies in history.


As always, admission to Business Mastery is extremely competitive, but if you’re accepted, you can expect to grow your business by 30 – 100% in the next 12 months!


Over the course of five days, Anthony Robbins, the world’s foremost authority on peak performance will be there to work with you on your business.


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Jordan Belfort 3-Day Straight Line Bootcamp

5th – 7th September 2014 | Park Plaza Riverbank, London


Get the Truth Behind Jordan Belfort’s Success. Jordan Belfort’s Entrepreneur Boot Camp will give you the signature systems you need – the same systems he used to build and grow dozens of companies and raise over $1.5 billion in venture.


In an intensive, fun, high-energy, live event environment, you’ll learn first hand from the knowledge Jordan Belfort developed during his twenty-plus years in the financial and entrepreneurial fields.


The hands-on training, personal feedback, and targeted exercises will give you the influence and persuasion tools you need – as well as the confidence – to achieve massive success.


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Rich Dad Strategies for Success Live in London

27th – 28th September 2014 | ExCel, London


Whether you’re a new entrepreneur, a business owner in the trenches, or someone who is only just beginning to think about starting a business, you will learn how to shape your business to achieve sustainable growth in this era of change and uncertainty.


With many businesses struggling for lack of capital, you need to discover new ways to revitalise every aspect of your venture: sales, taxes, your business plan, your team and most importantly, your mindset for greater levels of success.


To do that you need a team of expert coaches to work with you – and what better team than the one that Robert and Kim Kiyosaki turn to for advice? Tap into this invaluable resource at this 2-day event and get one-on-one time to meet and consult with the bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and his team of world-class advisors.


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Seminar reviews

Get The Life You Want

17th – 18th May 2014 | Copthorne Tara, Kensington


Paul McKenna was extremely charismatic. From the start, he rushed onto the stage as if it were an ‘80s rock concert. In contrast, Bandler played the cool yet funny character, and the audience seemed to respond well to the combination. They complimented each other, giving the attendee a broad spectrum of personal development knowledge.


Registration was very smooth considering the amount of people who attended the event, and the NLP Life store provided a wide variety of products to buy. The books were written by both McKenna and Bandler. The production and event was impressive and the venue subtle and luxurious, tucked away in a five-star hotel in Kensington.


The way McKenna engaged with the crowd was great. His showmanship was engaging and his on stage-demonstrations were impressive, while Bandler constantly made the crowd laugh with his informative stories that always seemed to have so much depth and meaning. His way of getting through to the audience was effortless yet effective.



NLP Licensed Practitioner

10th – 16th May 2014 | Millennium Gloucester Hotel, Kensington


The Licensed Practitioner Course is an amazing networking opportunity as well as a learning one; you meet intriguing people from all over the world with such a huge variety of different cultures and careers.


Richard Bandler, John La Valle, and Kathleen La Valle really take the teaching techniques to a new level to make you feel a part of something huge. But despite its vastness, it has a personal feel to it – so you feel comfortable in the environment, allowing you to take in more information.


There was an incredible, experienced and friendly team of assistants, who were by our sides the entire time. They helped us practice techniques effectively, taught us different ways to remember all the information, and really supported us throughout the duration of the course.


Richard Bandler is such a funny man, and told so many stories, which made the time fly. Even though seven days straight sounds like a lot, it was over in no time.

Attending the Licensed Practitioner Course has really opened my eyes and made me confident to take all the next steps I need to in order to succeed, not only with my career, but also with myself.

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