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Unlocking the Secrets of Stem Cells: An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Bernardo Moya, editor-in-chief of The Best You, had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, a trailblazer in the fields of medicine and stem cell research. Dr. Ovokaitys is not only a pioneering doctor, but also a leading researcher and scientist, pushing the boundaries of science to unlock the secrets of stem cells and their potential for regenerative medicine and anti-aging. Join us as we explore his groundbreaking work, valuable information surrounding stem cell research, and the future of medical innovation.

Bernardo Moya: Well, here we are in another episode interview for inspiring people, and also for The Best You magazine, tremendously excited to speak to Dr. Todd. Dr. Todd, thank you so much for being here.

That brings me, how is technology nowadays? How is technology fast forwarding everything that we’re learning and bringing into general medicine regarding anti-aging?

Todd Ovokaitys: There’s just so much. I have trademarked the phrase, “The biohack is the stack.”

B: “The biohack is the stack.”

T: “The biohack is the stack.” It’s how you stack it. It’s not just one thing. It’s like a symphony. It’s where you start, what things you layer together, how you sequence them, how you time them, how you develop the theme, how you create the crescendo of the fact and the ultimate resolution. I do view the art of biological age reversal, and the V cells have been so far the most potent way to turn back the biological aging clock with the diagnostic company that we use that does the biological aging tests. This was the most profound for literally turning back the clock so much that they had to repeat the test several times to make sure that they weren’t making a mistake in the lab.

The other thing that they found that moved the needle somewhat, not as much as the V cells, was plasma exchange. And it is around that area. And there are many other technological adjuncts that are very beneficial. There was a study with hyperbaric oxygen, for example, that showed that after 60 sessions, there was a significant elongation of telomeres. And telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes that tend to chip smaller and smaller as cells divide. And when they get too short, the cells stop dividing. And the elongation of telomeres is another indication of biological age reversal at the DNA level. That is very good for neuro-regeneration. So persons with neurologic issues of various sorts tend to get a better recovery if they use hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

There is technology called the biocharger that’s really high tech. This is an area you’d probably really like, which involves a Tesla coil. I get Tesla, the great inventor in the arena of all things electrical, and it creates these very high energy impulses. It lights up these beautiful tubes of noble gases like neon and helium and argon, and a few other gases like iodine. So, these beautiful glowing tubes create these high impulses of electromagnetic fields that tends to recharge the cell membranes, and they have evolved a frequency menu of about 1200 frequencies that can tune it to various bodily systems and functions.

And I had the experience of having flown back from the other coast. I’m in the west. I came back from the east coast, which tends to create a good bit of fatigue. And after a minute session, I felt like I had a good night’s rest. So that’s another type of technology that can work with, boosting the electric potential of the cell membranes for recharging the cells literally for feeling better, stronger, having more energy and enhancing various bodily systems.

There are nutraceutical approaches, and one of the things that our team has done is develop a range of laser-enhanced nutraceuticals. We’ve done a dozen. clinical trials to validate the ability to improve the structure and function of various bodily systems. Some we’ve published and even patented. So there are a wide range of nutraceutical adjuncts that are botanicals that have very significant benefits.

There’s a whole series of natural compounds that are made in plants that are called adaptogens, that enhance the body’s ability to adapt to stress. One of my favorites is rhodiola, which has this unique property that within 24 hours, it can turn off the adrenal stress cortisol response. It’s very helpful for people to navigate well in cold weather and high altitudes. It prolongs physical and mental endurance for things that require either a lot of physical or mental activity for a prolonged period of time. Then there’s the old favorite of ginseng, there’s ashwagandha and others in that area. There are antioxidants that help to relieve the oxidative stress in the body.

Many of those particular things like OPCs from dark colored berries and ECGC, epigallate from green tea, and there are many published studies on the health benefits of drinking green tea, and if you have two cups a day, it’s good. If you have eight, it’s even better. There are many things.

There’s a realm that’s a bit controversial called peptide therapy, which are small molecules made in the body you need to stimulate regenerative responses in various tissues that can also be combined and stacked. There are different types of pulse electromagnetic field technology. There are lightbeds of various sorts, and there are many benefits that have been found simply for applying things like red light to the body, especially increasing ATP, which is the energy currency of the body.

Many, many technologies are being developed that can be chosen to layer together.

B: Well, thank you. And you’ve obviously shared a little mini masterclass of everything that’s available out there. And I also love that you’ve shared so many things that are also natural and available to everyone.

I’ve been reading a couple of nutritionists, I was reading recently about how saunas and exposure to saunas x amount of hours per week can also help you extend your life, depending on the amount of hours and the heat that you do hot and cold.

T: Yeah, there is a beautiful study from Scandinavia that showed that doing the infrared sauna five times a week had a significant longevity enhancing effect. Also good for enhancing the immune system and you burn several 100 calories. One of those, the more the merrier. You also mentioned cold.

One of the things that I avoided doing for months, cause it seemed like such a bad idea, was jumping into a very cold chamber. I believe they said it was minus 250 degrees centigrade. And I grew up in Wisconsin, which has winters with, did I say, I think that was minus 250 Fahrenheit, something like minus 130 centigrade, really, really cold. And I’ve experienced it, minus 40, which is where Fahrenheit and centigrade meet. And that’s really, really cool. So I thought, why would I want to subject myself to that? And what I found is that it’s only three minutes at a very cold temperature. And it was amazing. It was like I had the runner’s high for hours afterward.

Most of these things, either the high heat of an infrared sauna or the cold of a so-called cryo chamber, or some people do cold plunges, creates a so-called hermetic stress, where you push the body way out of its comfort limits and that creates adaptive responses that are very beneficial.

B: Absolutely. I even read that “listen, if you don’t have a cold bath, just a 30-second shower under a cold tap,” definitely helps as well, I suppose.

So, Dr. Todd, you recently mentioned that you’ve just come back from doing a talk at NASA. So, obviously, I’m very interested in getting a little bit of gossip. What did you share there?

T: Well, particularly the concept of biological age reversal. What was interesting at the beginning of looking at the biological age results, we found that if someone had had one of the V cell experiences within the past five years, that they were three years younger biologically than their birth date age.

If they hadn’t done a treatment, in general, they were about the same or even a little bit older biologically than their birth age. There are a few exceptions, like our older colleague who’s a triathlete, who’s competed in 42 triathlons, who was minus six when he started, and then after three treatments, was minus 18, did a fourth for his heart, and while age 74, his heart rate response in competition was that of a 37 year old that actually improved by being 12 years younger physiologically with the treatment directed to his heart. My main theme was that if you’re able to reverse biological age for a certain amount of time, and we often see 3 years, sometimes more, that you now have 3 years of biology back. And what are you going to do with those years if you do some really good things, like enhance your diet and exercise program, meditate, do yoga, do other techniques that are about enhancing your super normal capabilities. After that period of time, you can be an enhanced version of yourself and then you can do it again. So it’s really about the idea that we have the capability to be constantly up leveling from one state to the next, to the next. There was a very powerful statement that I learned recently. I think Gary Brecker is the source of it, that a colleague told me about what I thought was really simple and amazingly profound, and I shared this with the high tech companies that were at the NASA event, which is a statement that “aging is comfort.” If you’re not pushing yourself through the wall, if you’re not exceeding the barrier of your limits, if you’re not actively doing it, then you’re aging.

B: Wow. How fascinating. That is absolutely amazing, Dr. Todd. You provided us with so much insight today. And obviously, you know, we’ll make sure that we make those webpages very prominent. Dr. Todd, I’m very grateful. Thank you so much for your time.

Great pleasure. Thank you. Thank you.

Bernardo Moya

Bernardo is the founder of The Best You, author of The Question, Find Your True Purpose, an entrepreneur, writer, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter to some of the biggest names in Personal Development. He is editor-in-chief of The Best You magazine – a fascinating voice in the Personal Development world.

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