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Embracing life through the forest and the feminine

TreeSisters is a global network of women and men who donate monthly to fund the restoration of our world’s tropical forests as a collective expression of planetary care.

The organisation channels 80 percent of member donations to existing reforestation NGO partners in the tropics. The remaining 20 percent funds behaviour change and consciousness shift work to support feminine, nature-based leadership and to normalise planetary restoration.

TreeSisters exists to call forth the brilliance and generosity of women everywhere and channel it towards the trees. Although this is a women-led movement, it welcomes the support and contribution of men as well. Protecting and restoring our environment requires all hands on deck. The goal is to make it as normal for everyone to give back to nature as it currently is to take nature for granted.

TreeSisters offers a variety of events to nourish the soul, anchored in their ethos that togetherness makes everything feel possible. Alone, we can forget who we are. In true sisterhood, we can be seen, celebrated and called forth. We can dare to show, share and explore more of ourselves. We can be inspired and be the inspiration that our sisters need in order to find their own courage.

TreeSisters’ seven-week Journey to a Billion Trees campaign, which started on 19 October, is an opportunity to do just that.

To discover more about the global reforestation movement visit www.billiontrees.me

For more information visit www.treesisters.org

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