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5 Questions That Will Help You Change Your Life by Peter Thompson


Peter Thompson describes a particular process that could have a massive impact in your life.

It’s been said that the quality of our lives are determined by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves. Perhaps we could add an additional thought to that.

And that is – if we take the time to answer those questions with absolute honesty!
Here are five, apparently simple questions that truly can change your life for the better.
They are:
  • What will I stop doing?
  • What will I do less of?
  • What will I keep doing?
  • What will I do more of?
  • What will I start doing?
Let me give you a framework for these questions. You and I are certainly busy people. People whose lives have many fac-ets. Work, home, family, friends, colleagues, partner and perhaps children as well! So many calls on our time. And over the years, no doubt, some activi-ties have crept in, almost unnoticed, that use up that precious time.
Perhaps – now is the time to step back and take a fresh look at what you do and how you spend your life. These five ques-tions can definitely help.

Below you’ll find the full explanation on how to run the ‘Focused 5’ process.

The first time I used these questions – I  was amazed.
Yes – amazed at just how much ‘stuff’ I’d allowed to enter my life and that definitely needed sorting out. Business relationships that I just knew weren’t working out and needed severing. Projects I’d promised myself I would start – one day!
Well the questions made that ‘one day’ into ‘today’.
I’d urge you to go through the exercise of asking yourself these questions.
Simply create 5 columns on a piece of paper laid ‘landscape’.
Head the columns:
Stop – Minimise – Maintain – More – Start.
Then taking a quiet moment, on your own, ask yourself the questions and immediately write down whatever your mind tells you are the answers. Then of course – having considered the consequences and your beliefs and values about the answers – take action!
Then diary, ‘The Focused 5 Questions Form’ you’ve created, one month forward. When that day arrives check that you’ve taken action on your previous thoughts – and do the whole exercise again. And so on – on a monthly basis.
The quality of our lives is definitely determined by the quality of the questions we ask and honestly answer for our-selves. The ‘Focused 5’ are high quality questions!

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