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The Spark Of Inspiration

Chief Inspiration Officer of The Best You, Bernardo Moya,explains why we must ask ourselves the right questions

Chief Inspiration Officer of The Best You, Bernardo Moya, explains why we must ask ourselves the right questions 22 THE BEST YOU MAGAZINEBernardo Moya is an entrepreneur, writer, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter for some of the biggest names in the world of personal development.As if this did not keep him busy enough, Bernardo is also the editor – in -chief of The Best You magazine, and the brains behind the brand’ s annual EXPO.

Driven to bring the positive message of self – help to the public, Bernardo’ s ethos is simple: “I’ m in the business of helping people achieve their dreams.Since I set up The Best You five years ago, I’ ve had the pleasure of interviewing amazing and inspiring people, such as Barbara DeAngelis, Harvey Goldsmith, Paul McKenna, Simon Sinek, Tanny Grey Thomson, and Steve Ridgway.It’ s about taking their wisdom and inspirational advice and bringing it to as many people as possible.”

Bernardo explains that “The Best You is all about giving you control over your life, whether that’ s through alternative therapies, coaching, mentoring, inspirational stories or interviews.It’ s about giving you the choices to become the best version of yourself.”

For Bernardo, the personal development jour – ney starts with looking at our lives and at the choices available to us.This critical assessment is key and it is why his talk at this year’ s EXPO was not called The Answer, but The Question.

“The bottom line is that we have to think about what we are here for, and what our legacy is – that is the essence of The Question, ”says Bernardo.“Ultimately, we should all be here to make a difference – to live a more complete life.”

“We must focus not only on making our own lives better, but on making the lives of those around us better too.So I ask the audience, what are you doing to make a difference ? You might be working for a company which strives to make a better society, or on an individual level you might fight plastic being thrown into our seas.Whatever you’ re doing, you need to think about making an impact globally” Bernardo explains.“But the whole journey is in you.It begins and ends in you.The quality of your life depends on the quality of the ques – tions you ask yourself.The work I am involved in teaches people to take charge of their lives and look for opportunities.”

For Bernardo, his own journey has enabled him to preside over what is now the larges personal development EXPO in Europe.

“I work with an amazing team, and I’ m so proud of what we have achieved” says Bernardo.“Last year at the EXPO we had 3, 000 square metres, three small seminar rooms and 50 exhibitors – this year it was to 6, 000 square metres, eight seminar rooms and more than 100 exhibitors. It’s so encouraging to hear such great testimonials and to know we’ re making a difference. We know this annual event is needed, and we’ re learning how to make it even bigger and better.”

“I put the EXPO together with the idea of helping those who have a message to come and share their expertise and wisdom, and for those who are looking to be inspired to come and meet these people and grow as a result” says Bernardo.“For me, working with people such as Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna has had a massive influence.

“I love engaging with as many people as possible, and it’ s always so satisfying to meet new faces and to try to help them find inspiration and their true meaning.I really want to spark something in their minds. You just know that someone who attended this year’ s EXPO will be writing a book and speaking to an audience in the near future.”

For more information vabout this year’s EXPO visit: www.thebestyou.co

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