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The Journey to Better Health

Hypnotherapist in London Harley Street

The Journey to Better Health

There’s no reason you can’t be who you want says Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Coach Malminder Gill

When it comes to sticking to healthy habits, often our best laid plans go awry. From super-sized portions and increased snacking, to cutting back on keep-fit and total workout burnout, it is all too easy to slide back to old ways.

Malminder Gill, a Harley Street Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master coach and author, says that none of the things keeping you stuck are here to stay. There is no reason that you can’t be who you want and have what you want. And, better still, there is no reason it can’t feel easy. There is, however, every reason to choose to have it now.

“If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I always focus on what’s proven,” says Malminder. “I base my work on facts, studies and real-life experience – never hearsay. Every tool I use is rooted in solid research, and I use those tools to suit an individual’s specific needs, until the problem is solved.”

In addition to helping clients incorporate healthy eating habits, Malminder also works to assist people in overcoming a wide range of challenges including low self-confidence, jealousy, anxiety, fear, performance anxiety, and addiction.

When it comes to diet and fitness, Malminder has devised a programme which focuses on establishing good eating patterns and touches upon every important aspect that contributes to the way a person’s body looks and feels. Understanding that not everyone can travel to see her for weekly one-on-one sessions, Malminder’s six-week recorded hypnosis programme is designed for people to do at home, and incorporates NLP and coaching together with hypnotic interventions.

In addition to the recorded hypnosis sessions, clients have access to a weekly group call, where they can share struggles and victories with those on the same path, as well as membership in a private Facebook group to further builds a sense of community.

“We may need to approach it from a few angles but we always get there,” says Malminder. “I have carefully crafted the programme to make sure success is an inevitability.

The programme enables people to live with their feelings, instead of silencing them with food, and clearing their mind of what doesn’t serve them, so their full attention is free to give to their desires. This helps people embrace exercise and leave cravings behind so they can feel how they want to feel.”

As the author of Unleash Your Inner Goddess and Stop Worrying, Malminder regularly features in international media to share her hypnotherapy expertise.

“In hypnotherapy, we focus on getting right down to the crux of the matter every time. It teaches us if we can identify these deeper causes we will be able to eradicate any and all forms of stress a person may be experiencing” says Malminder. “And it doesn’t stop there. With the right guidance, you can very easily manage and control stress all through the rest of your life.

Human behaviour is typically determined by a lifetime of pre-conditioned patterns, and this is no different with the issues of stress and anxiety. There will always be serious underlying causes which make one susceptible to unhealthy levels of stress.

Think of how some medications only seem to treat the symptoms of an illness while the deeper source of the problem goes unchecked. Hypnotherapy is exactly the opposite, it gets deep inside to the root causes of your stress and anxiety and wham – you are finally free, having pulled out the actual problem – directly from its source, root and all.”

For more information visit www.hypnosis-in-london.com/ultimate-weight-loss-hypnosis

Testimonials for Malminder’s weight loss programme:

“Lost 5lb. since start of January… Listened to the first recording last night and feel really positive.”

“I have lost 7 pounds and notice that my thoughts about food aren’t as challenging…or obsessed. My portion control is also improving and I am able to manage much better. And… minimal cravings for sweets!”

“After listening to the exercise part only twice, I sensed the urge to exercise again. And I took long walks on Saturday and today.”

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