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Wash and go

For those who live life on the road or in the air, the perpetual hunt for a clean shirt is over, thanks to Dufl (, a digital valet service launched in the US. Registered users receive a branded suitcase which they fill with their travel clothes – this is collected, photographed and inventoried to create a virtual wardrobe. Each time a trip is planned, users inform Dufl of their destination and arrival, and it delivers the case. At the end of the trip, Dufl collects, washes and stores the garments until the next trip, with a free ‘swap out’ at any time if an item needs updating.


Read and grow

An Argentinian children’s book publisher, Pequeno Editor, has launched a series of titles to encourage young readers to become responsible consumers. The books are made from recycled acid-free paper, biodegradable inks and embedded with seeds which, once the book is read, can be planted to grow into a tree.


Lost and found

Pedigree Found is a New Zealand app that replaces ‘Lost Dog’ posters with a digital solution. Pet owners can register their dog, and if it goes missing they can post an ad to anyone online in the area to see if their pooch has been spotted.


Time to eat

A UK government project has led to the development of a new device, Ode (, which releases delicious food smells to encourage dementia patients to cook and eat regularly. Forgetting to eat often leads to weight loss among dementia sufferers, and the device has successfully helped patients in trials to regain up to 2kg in less than three months of use.

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