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The Best You Legacy Club – New Business In A Box Opportunity Will Boost Entrepreneurs.

TBY Legacy Club

An exciting new business opportunity is offering a business in a box to business entrepreneurs, with a value of $40K+ per annum.

The Best You Legacy Club seeks to connect the best entrepreneurs, personal development specialists, talented individuals and businesspeople in a single forum that will pool and share expertise.

Run by The Best You Corporation, The Best You Legacy Club is looking for Directors to take charge of the business in their city or area.

“Each club around the world, in each city or area will have upwards of 100 members,” says The Best You CEO Bernardo Moya. “Members will provide their mentoring and expertise in a nurturing and upbeat environment to business ideas. It can be tough for the entrepreneur at any stage of their career if they don’t have the insights they need. The power of the many will over come the challenges of the individual, and make the business world the better for it.”

Thee Best You Legacy Club will also include Inspiring People Talks, with thought leaders and entrepreneurs who’ve already gone far. Inspiring People speakers in the past have included entrepreneur Sharon Lechter, Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey and lifestyle Guru Paul McKenna. With the chance for club members to video and put their expertise online through The Best You Corporation, membership is also an opportunity to reach out to a global market.

Best You Legacy Club Directors will be at the prime centre of network of enthused and passionate businesspeople and will enjoy unique access not only to the resources provided by The Best You, including training and material resources, but also within the group to make new ideas come to life and succeed.

“The Best You Legacy Club will ensure that people with great ideas and potentials get the support they need to move on to the next level,” says Bernardo Moya. “And with Legacy Clubs around the world, you will be able to drop into clubs in other areas if you are passing through, and make more connections.”

Would-be directors should contact The Best You Corporation and fill in an application form here..

Press Contacts: Bernardo Moya, The Best You Corporation,

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