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The Best You “Inspiring People” Evening Events

The Best You is a leading personal development multi-media, multi-platfor​m.

Through our​ ​magazine​ , ​video interviews and seminars we provide inspirational stories,  that will allow you to see and hear how successful people think, communicate and react.

​The Best You Inspiring Talks will offer you​ a wide variety of topics​. ​Our panel of experts will discuss how and why some people are successful and provide you with an insight into what drives success.

Our talks are designed to enrich your way of thinking about life.

We are passionate about being leaders in the sphere of personal improvement. We believe that by learning from the success of others we can improve ourselves and we aim to inspire you to be become the best you can be.

Sign up or attend our “Inspiring Talks” if you want a more positive, uplifting and empowering ​life.

In summary The Best You ​”Inspiring talks” ​is a multimedia experience aimed at providing you with compelling content to motivate, inspire, empower and enrich your life and your lifestyle.

The Best You is planning to host a series of smaller evening events, to be held at a more intimate venue for up to 200 guests + 20 VIPs

Moving forward and as an additional service to its customers, and readers. The Best you intends to host Inspiring Talks with though provoking and world leaders from all over the world:

Amongst some of the first guest speakers we will invite will be:

John DeMartini, Paul McKenna, Jordan Belfort, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Dr Richard Bandler, Dr Rohan Weerasinghe, Wayne Dyer, Michael Neill, Les Brown, Arianna Huffington, Brian Tracey, Marie Forleo, Marisa Peer, just to name a few. Guest speakers at the “Inspiring People” evening events are the leaders and shakers in all fields in every industry.

Each speaker will have a 25 minute slot and each evening event will have a total of four speakers.

The events will run between 6 and 9’30pm. The events will be viewed live by approximately 200 delegates in addition to being streamed all over the world. The recorded talks will be viewed on The Best You TV shared with our partners Real Wisdom TV, TV4 – HULU and ROKU.

The events will be held in iconic buildings in London like the Royal Institute of British Architects, Royal College of Physicians, Museum of London, Bafta, Tate Modern and others.

The confirmed dates #Wisdom Wednesdays are: 07 October, 4th November, 2nd Of December, 6th of January

The Speakers for the first four events are now confirmed and amongst a few we have Dr. Richard Bandler, Gill Fielding, Brian Mayne, John Richardson, Paul Boross…. To view all of the events of book to any of the confirmed dates please go to thebestyouseminars.co

More information coming soon.

The Best You

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