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The best wellness holidays

The Best Wellness Holidays

Whether you want to take care of your body, soothe your mind, or just indulge in some relaxation, you’ll find the perfect break amongst these

Great Britain

The Orange Tree

Introductory meditation weekends at Buddhist retreats get booked out well ahead, a great alternative is The Orange Tree in the heart of the North York Moors National Park. Along with the standard rejuvenating spa days and yoga breaks, their weekend retreats include mindfulness and silent meditation.
+44 (0)175 141 7219

Reclaim Your Self

According to Ofcom, we spend more time each day on digital devices (eight hours and 41 minutes) than we do asleep (eight hours, 21 minutes). The Reclaim Your Self Digital Detox weekends are powerful, personalised two-day breaks that combine yoga, healthy eating, mindfulness and talks about managing your online life.
+44 (0)208 350 8943


In an elegant converted farm in north Devon, Yeotown describes itself as “the definitive home of complete wellbeing.” Yogi and Positive Psychology coach Mercedes Sieff and her yoga-loving, surfer husband Simon Sieff have fine-tuned their vision of an authentic, healthy lifestyle retreat. Their five-day retreat will leave you feeling stronger in body and clearer in mind, with a renewed sense of commitment to your wellness.
+44 (0)127 134 3803

Newbold House in Scotland

A transformative haven run by a small community committed to sustainability, Newbold House offers wellbeing holidays in the beautiful Northeast of Scotland. Bespoke, private retreats in a grand Victorian mansion are tailored to your individual needs, with options including yoga, meditation, bread-making, painting, gardening and foraging.
+44 (0)130 967 2659;

Lifehouse Spa

If you want more than just a spa day and hotel stay then visit Lifehouse Spa, Essex’s own slice of paradise. Their wellness retreats are ideal if you want to improve your general health, revitalise your diet, lose some weight or give yourself the time and space to recover after an illness or bereavement. Lap up some expertise from their Chiva Som-trained staff.
+44 (0)125 586 3400

The Gainsborough Bath Spa

Bath has been a popular wellness destination for over 2,000 years, and The Gainsborough Bath Spa is the only hotel with access to Bath’s natural thermal waters. Spend the weekend enjoying the healing power of water in the thermal pools, saunas, steam rooms and ice alcoves. You’ll leave feeling reborn.


Peak Health

Describing itself as “the next generation of wellness retreat”, a Peak Health holiday requires a bit more prep than just packing a suitcase. Three weeks before arriving at the very luxe hotel Capra in the Swiss Alps, guests provide a DNA and blood sample that is sent off to the genetic testing company WellCODE. Andrea DeBellis, Head of PeakHealth, says “this genetic test enables us to create a really specific programme which actually works for you, whether it’s what time of the day you should be working out or whether your body can tolerate certain foods.” The Peak Health team uses the data to produce a 20-page report to “create a totally immersive and precise 360-degree transformational experience,” which includes daily personal training sessions and bespoke spa treatments.


With a soothingly warm climate and the world’s most unflappable therapists, India remains a favourite escape for travellers in search of relaxation. Vana is a wellness retreat with an outstanding centre for ayurveda, the ancient Hindu system of traditional medicine which treats the whole body. Set on a 21-acre estate in Dehradun, northern India, Vana crafts bespoke retreats for every guest, with doctors, therapists and chefs on hand to manage specific health concerns, restore balance and help visitors reach their peak physical and mental wellbeing. The hardest part of the trip will undoubtedly be leaving.

38 Degrees North

38ºN pioneered the luxury wellbeing retreat concept on the famous party isle of Ibiza. Where it leads, many others have tried to follow, but nothing quite matches this world-class original. Offering tailor-made fitness holidays to suit personal goals, the team of experts includes an Olympic gold medalist personal trainer and a chiropractic doctor. Instead of a crash boot camp, 38ºN equips guests with a holistic mind and body toolkit, which serves them long after their stay is over. On top of training, there are educational workshops, healthy-eating lessons, spa treatments and free yoga classes. Earlier this year they launched DNA Fit Ibiza, which tests your DNA before arrival so you get a bespoke programme suited to your fitness level, injury risk, recovery potential and nutritional needs. You’ll leave leaner, stronger and fitter, but most importantly, you’ll know how to integrate your newfound knowledge and motivation into everyday life.

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