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The best emotional release by Dr. Lisa Turner


One of the biggest myths portrayed by the media, films and stories is that once you’ve had a traumatic experience, you will be emotionally scarred for life and that the best you can hope for is to learn to live with it, understand it. Dr. Lisa Turner knows otherwise.

Recent years have brought about a plethora of techniques that can help to release emotions.  This list has been put together based on my personal experience of these therapies in my own quest to recover from childhood sexual abuse.

I am walking testament to the fact that emotions can be released. Limiting beliefs like ‘I’m no good’ or ‘I deserve to be punished’ can be released forever.

Here is a list of some of the most popular techniques:

Psychotherapy – Essentially a ‘talking cure’ that centres on the client talking through their issues with a therapist. The idea is that talking about your problems and past will give you a better understanding of yourself and raise self-awareness.

Affirmations – Repeated positive affirmations might change your state of mind or mood in the short term, but they doesn’t remove limiting beliefs. Also, in order for affirmations to change your state, you have to remember to say them.

Psychodrama – This is where you act out painful situations from your past and change them so you can experience something different, like fighting back, feeling more powerful.

EFT – This technique is based on tapping meridians to release the emotion. The tapping points are usually on the face, torso and hands.

EmoTrance – By paying attention to where you feel the emotion in your body, allowing it to soften and flow using attention, the feeling leaves your body and with it, the emotion.

Shamanic Healing – Based on various tribal cultures, this uses altered states of consciousness, dream work, energy work and symbolism to change your experience of the physical reality.

NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnosis – NLP is a collection of techniques that are based on modelling successful therapists and therapies. I found this amazingly enabling; it allowed me to access more resources and cope with situations that had previously caused me great anxiety. It’s quick and effective.

Timeline Therapy – TLT is phenomenally powerful and, as someone who had been daily haunted by my past, was barely able to function normally, and found even the most ordinary situations traumatic and terrifying, TLT was a miracle.

Higher Self Therapy – This technique is even more effective than Time Line Therapy as it is even quicker and removes emotions at an even deeper level. Whereas TLT removes the emotions from the emotional and mental body, Higher Self Therapy also releases it from a soul or karmic level.

These last two are the ones I now teach to my students and are the ones I recommend most highly. If you have had trauma in the past, even if you are not healed yet, please take this one thing from reading this. You can recover. All you have to do is decide.

If you have decided, to get free instant access to abuse recovery advice, go to www.recoverfromabuse.com

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