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Time to think by Elliot Kay

Elliot Kay has a vision for his clients’ businesses’ growth, and it all starts with strategy   – Tell us about Strategic Brilliance Services and how you help companies to grow their businesses. What we do is give people a tool that has been tested and tried over the last four years which has proven […]

Phil Jackson is the Lord of the Rings

It might be unusual to think of an international sports coach for one of the world’s most successful basketball teams as spiritual, but that is exactly the case for Phil Jackson.   As the coach for the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers during the period of both teams’ apparent invincibility, there’s no doubt […]

Fear of Freedom by Dr. John Demartini

  Is it a coincidence that there are seven areas of your life you need to master and seven fears that hold you back? Dr. John Demartini doesn’t think so. It’s time to get over whatever is holding you back and achieve greatness. There are seven areas of life we are here to master: spiritual, mental, […]