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Colour me happy

Artist Johanna Basford is the ink evangelist who spearheaded the adult colouring-in craze. Her books have now sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, and she recently collected an OBE as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours. But as Johanna tells The Best You, it’s not money that motivates her, but helping adults to relax, […]

Obesity: someone else’s problem? by Susannah Gilbert

If you are not overweight, it can be easy to think that the obesity is not your problem. But with around 60 per cent of our adult population overweight or obese, Susannah Gilbert explains that it is an issue that is going touch all our lives.   Even if you don’t have a weight problem, […]

What’s the big deal? by Bernardo Moya

  We are constantly being bombarded with adverts telling us to get our cholesterol and blood sugar checked and we all know someone who has been affected by the ‘Big C’. It is debatable whether the percentage of people affected by cancer has actually increased over the years, or if it just seems like it […]