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Superhero – supplements by Nermin Ali

Confused by the rows of supplements on offer? Nermin Ali of Supplicity offers a guide to what to take 

When it comes to diet, most of us have to be realistic: we live in modern times, which meanxs much of the food that we consume doesn’t necessarily contain the nutrients that our body requires to ensure it’s working to its potential.

Plus, most people in the UK do not get those all important sun rays in the winter. So what’s the answer? Should we leave our jobs to bask in the sun?

In an ideal world, the optimal way to receive the right level of nutrients is through a balanced and varied diet, but who lives in an ideal world? Most of us work too hard, stress out on a regular basis, drink too much and stay up far too late – sound familiar?

This is when supplements can step in, ensuring you get all the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that are required for a healthy lifestyle.

Health professionals agree that each of us is an individual with different needs. Therefore it’s crucial to listen to your body every day to ensure you are giving it the right level of attention. This is when supplements can really help.

When you are looking for the perfect supplement, decide what your health goals are. Read how each supports your body and remember that you get what you pay for – this is definitely an occasion when quality over quantity matters.

Jonny Taylor, founder of nutritional supplement brand Supplicity, advises: “There are so many dietary supplements ranges out there and the best way to be sure of quality is to look for Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) accredited brands, as they have been tested to ensure they offer high quality ingredients.”

The MHRA accreditation is a scheme involving a wide consultation process with representatives from organisations such as the National Health Service,
Department of Health and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine. During this time, the committee looks for quality in the product that surpasses the basic regulatory requirements.

A clear understanding of the origins and levels of vitamins and minerals is key to a successful supplement plan. Even if you are following a healthy diet, because of previous bad eating habits, stress, exercise, disease or even allergies, you may still be lacking in certain micronutrients. Good quality supplement brands should offer clear information.

For example, does your supplement’s packaging give you a clear breakdown of what ingredients are inside, how much of your recommended daily allowance this equates to, where these ingredients were sourced and, most importantly, what they actually do for you?

No-one is claiming that supplements will make you more beautiful, give you an extra hour a day or offer the secret to life – and if anyone does, it’s advisable to walk away. In summary, all of the basic essentials can, and should, be found in a proper diet. But we’ve found that getting into the habit of taking a daily supplement actually forms part of a wider set of healthy habits.

When we take small steps such as taking good quality food supplements, we tend also to get into the mindset of making small changes elsewhere too. So supplements end up being part of, rather than a replacement for, a better way of eating.

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