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Spontaneous Remission’ where a person recovers either fully or temporarily from a condition in a manner that cannot be attributed to medical intervention alone –


My mother (pictured below) had a spontaneous remission and came out of a coma after 10 days . She suffered a series of fits in which the DR’s predicted if she did recover she would be a vegetable.


My grandfather many many years ago also had a spontaneous remission ( or rather all his tumours shrunk so dramatically that previously had invaded his vital organs to render him inoperable)  He recovered from his terminal cancer.


So what was the difference that made the difference?


“Mum went into hospital, the doctors didn’t expect her to survive. If she did, she would be severely brain damaged as she was still ‘fitting’ even with medication.


“Because it was my mum, it was difficult to do proper hypnosis on her, but I kept talking to her while she was in a coma, telling her that if it was her time to come back to us, she could come back and get well, or if it was her time to leave us she could die peacefully and comfortably because we would always be together. None of this in-between predictions from the DR’s.


“She hadn’t been coping for some time so while she was in hospital I had repainted her kitchen and bathroom. It gave me something to do in between visits and to tell her about so she could look forward to. ( yet at the time I had to fight the pervading waves of sadness  which washed over me and caused me to believe as the DRs did in their reality that she was never going to recover and all this was in vain).


I kept on repeating my simple message telling her she could go home or come and live with us. I took some before and after photographs of the bathroom, and when I had them developed, there was an image on a mirror in the ‘after’ photos that looks like the Christian symbol of the fish [see picture, below]. It gave me hope, because the mirror came from a room where my granddad used to stay when he came over from Ireland, and where my dad spent his last days.


“Mum had a complete recovery , whist she was in the coma I kept thinking ‘she is fasting’ which allows the body to ‘house keep’ as digestion takes more energy than anything so to have a break from eating, which she enjoyed a lot can only support the body.


“Mum lived with us for several years, I was able to oversee her meals and make sure that she was eating healthily. She wasn’t the easiest person to live with and the last 2 years of her life she rebelled and had stashes of junk, processed food and was eating out at cafes most days, the downfall was dramatic to say the least.


‘You are what you eat’ or in her case ”Digging her grave with her teeth” Since my own Dad died of cancer after fighting it for 2/3 years I constantly asked ‘What could I have done to help him?’ and over the years have amassed tons of info relating to diet, beliefs and healing.


Many years before this my granddad was riddled with cancer. At the hospital they examined him under the operating theatre, but closed him up again as they couldn’t do anything it was everywhere. So they sent him home telling him they had done what they could for him. These were the days when patients were never told the worst case scenario, but the doctors did tell my uncle that granddad didn’t have very long to live it was that far gone.


“When granddad went back a few months later, all the tumours had shrunk. Previously the doctors had told him they had done their job, so the idea in granddad’s head that the cancer was retreating – and his body followed suit. He lived for another seven years, and died of a stroke, completely unrelated to the cancer.


My first recording was inspired by the common phrase ‘Mind over matter’  which is used so frequently but no one teaches you how to ‘Do it’ especially when you need it the most.


I use hypnosis to plant the thoughts of a miracle happening whist using relaxation techniques which naturally lower stress, it doesn’t promise anything and it certainly is not a replacement for medical care, but for the many who have listened to it it really has helped sometimes in miraculous ways Please claim your free copy now and watch Rosie’s video about her brother coming out of a coma after 55 days and other stories. http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/free_download.htm


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