The Best You EXPO has such a huge reach

My Expo Diary - Smita Joshi

The Best You EXPO has such a huge reach

This year was author, coach and yogi Smita Joshi’s first time at the EXPO, but it will not be her last. Here’s what Smita had to say about her experience:

The biggest thing for any of us working in the personal development industry is to find the right audience, not just any audience, but the ones who are really interested in your individual offer and will connect with it. That for me has been the biggest challenge, and that is why this EXPO is so great. There is nothing quite like being on the ground, meeting people face-to-face to explain what you do and how you can help them.

I’ve been to mind, body, spirit expos and they are one audience, yoga expos have another, but The Best You EXPO includes both of those, as well as personal development. It has a huge reach.

I had some great interactions with people at my stand, and having that dialogue is how you build real relationships, and they become part of a community. For my talk Discover Your Power Within and Thrive – Four Techniques in 45 minutes, I spoke about something people think about a lot about, but don’t really know: one’s own power. How can you access it when you least feel like it? Specifically, when you feel down, angry or frustrated, which is when you need it most.

I shared with the audience my four techniques for accessing that power. When utilized, these techniques enable individuals to create a toolkit that helps them think ‘what do I need now to help me feel better?’ and then doing it. It gives people the ability to get in touch with what I call the ‘Inner Diamond’, the source of their answers.

I hope people left my talk feeling surprised. We hear the clichés a lot these days that we have to put in 20 years of studying before we have mastered something. But, the truth is you just have to start practising new skills, and that is how to become deeply competent. You need to get started in order to eventually master something.

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