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Slow, slow, quick, quick slow – by Jo Haigh


Why oh why does everything seem to take longer than we would like right now? Never have I known such procrastination in business.

Everyone wants an instant response to their requirements, yet when it comes to making an actual decision it seems there is a different speedometer working.

I have been thinking about why this may be happening more than in previous times.

Is it the lack of certainty about what the future holds? Certainly all our crystal balls have, at best, fogged over and some have simply been discarded.  But the lovely quote of “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery” hasn’t really changed, its just perhaps a little less certain.

The thing is NOT doing is a self-fulfilling disaster. If no one will commit nothing gets done and so it goes on.

Procrastination can be hugely frustrating. It’s the not knowing that is difficult to deal with commercially. I would rather have a “no not yet” than a “well let’s think about this indefinitely” any day as at least that way it’s easier to plan.

I like to think I am a very decisive person and as a result can be black and white. I accept that although this has certainly got its downsides, a definite upside is we have a let’s just do it or let’s not  do it culture and that movement has by and large created positive traction.

Making a decision, any decision, frankly takes determination and strength of character in a challenging and uncertain economy and I am not suggesting a gung ho attitude is the right route. Remember – stop dithering and get on with making things happen – and managing the outcomes positively.

 Jo Haigh – Partner at fds Corporate Finance and Cracking Boards
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The winner of the Sunday Times NED of the year award, Claridge’s 14th March 2013.

My latest book: The Keys to the Boardroom, how to get there and how to stay there, due for release October 2013.

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