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Sisters do it for themselves by Lynn Kitchen

The world of business for women isn’t a fair one.  Lynn Kitchen, one of the Four Dames, is creating a space for women to thrive in business

It was a lovely summer’s day on the deck of the Queen Mary in Los Angeles harbour where the Four Dames were hosting a day-long seminar for businesswomen in the ballroom below. Our programme, Inside Every Woman Is a Queen, highlighted the four domains of life on which we speak: health, wealth, love, and purpose.

As one of the Four Dames, I was approached by a guest who asked what it is like to be a part of a team of four beautiful, successful, dynamic women working together. “It’s so rare!” I answered quickly. “It’s awesome!” But I was struck by her comment and so I brought her question to the Four Dames’ weekly business conference call.

How rare?

That question brought laughter, and quick-witted replies spiraling upward even as we each were listening for a higher collective possible answer. The answer came, ”Rareness is a matter of perspective, and diamonds are everywhere.” One of the tenets on abundance that the Four Dames teach is that opportunities, disguised as diamonds in the rough, are available everywhere, and not rare at all. It may be rare for a combination of
intelligent, successful, beautiful women to collaborate to help other women, but the opportunity exists everywhere. We are here to set a trend for it to become the norm.

Who are WE? 

The Four Dames are dynamic speakers and results experts, each with more than 30 years’ experience in business success and personal development. Living in four different states across America, we work together as one voice to empower women in a new way. Yet, as our name reveals, we delight in playfulness and fun as a priority. For businesswomen wanting results, the Four Dames bring a powerhouse of experience in a world where experience counts.

As a collaborative coaching
company, we speak and teach women how to break through limitations, real or imagined, and to awaken to their higher calling, personally and professionally.

What do women want? 

Freedom! Our purpose is to help

women master autonomy and authentic choice. We believe there is ‘a queen within’ every woman,
a sovereign state of beauty, intelligence, grace and wisdom. We are meant to live from that state of being, giving our gifts to the world, not struggling with endless to-do lists and demeaning self-talk.

Expansion of awareness leads to expanded horizons of new possibilities. Through the power of inquiry, a step-by-step method, our clients find their voice, vision, purpose and power, and expand their capacity to earn and love more, live better and have fun.

How does the power of inquiry work?

The best results come when we pose highly calibrated questions to our genius minds. We then tap into the unlimited reservoir of knowledge and wisdom beyond our conscious mind simply by shaping the right question.

A prominent woman, the founder of an international network of entrepreneurial women, lacked financial funding and turned to the Four Dames for help.

We invited her to our weekly mastermind call guiding her through a series of inquiries including the powerful question, ‘What would you love?’

Unravelling to find a hidden truth, she began to clarify the path she would love. In a few short months, she connected with not one, but two investor groups who were interested in her network.

She used the Four Dames’ process of inquiry to expand her business.

What can you do, what you have, right where you are?

Any question can take an unexpected turn. The four of us asked our friend questions in a round-table fashion until one question seemed to open a larger field of awareness.

We asked her to think about the women she serves internationally, posing this key question: ‘What can you do, with what you have, right where you are?’

As she pondered, something opened like a flash of light. What she could do is ask for help. Within seconds, she asked the Four Dames to help her write a book to empower the women of the world in the area of wealth creation.

We immediately said yes.

The culmination of that series of inquiries produced a six-month writing collaboration and a forthcoming book, The 12 Absolute Laws of Creating Wealth, Starting Today.

Anything is possible when women support each other, proving that, like diamonds, new possibilities are everywhere.

When women live from the centre of their being, their ‘queen within,’ truly everything is possible.

At the end of each of our weekly calls, it is not uncommon for the Four Dames to exclaim in unison,
‘I love being a Dame!’ It is a joyful and liberating moment.

The Best You

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