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Pursuing Happiness, One “P” At A Time by Ken Wert


The 8 “Ps” of Happiness


Pursuing happiness is a full-time job. Following, are those essential characteristics to a happy life. Try incorporating them one at a time. Or work at them simultaneously. But whatever you do, don’t ignore them. Your happiness counts on it!


1. Progress

An idle, listless life is an unhappy one. Happiness requires growth and improvement. The very act of improving and developing skills or talents or your character is perhaps even more important than where you are in your ability or character at any given moment. There is happiness in the pursuit of noble goals, even more than in their attainment.


2. Purpose

A life of purpose and meaning is a life that matters. It’s a life that is worth living. It’s a life to feel good about. It’s a happier life than one that is meaningless, without purpose, that doesn’t really matter much.


3. Perspective

How you see and interpret the world largely determines the shape and form the world takes experientially. If you look for misery, you will find it. If you seek beauty, you’ll find that too. The perspective by which you view life will create or destroy the joy of living. So focus on the good and positive. Be grateful. And you’ll be happier too.


4. Passion

A life lived with passion is a happier life. People who can get excited for what they do, for their families, for a cause, for anything, is a more rewarding life. Fall in love with what you do or find something to fall in love with. Explore life. Get passionate about it! You will find that a more abundant life of greater passion is also a happy life of greater joy.


5. Peace

Peace comes from many sources. There’s the peace of mind that comes from living in the present, enjoying the moment, smelling the proverbial flowers alongside life’s highway. There’s the peace that comes from de-stressing life through exercise and sleep and relaxation and spending time in nature. Holding grudges, being hateful and judgmental all work against peace. But there is a confident peace of mind that is uniquely the result of a clear conscience from living true principles. And from that peace comes yet again a greater portion of happiness.


6. Probity

A forgiving heart, decency and kindness, patience and honesty and courage are all personal ideals important to living a life of happiness. Personal probity, one’s integrity and uprightness, then, is an essential component to happiness. Think of someone of low morals, who is dishonest, deceitful, and unkind. Sound happy? Not to me either.


7. Prioritise relationships

There is no enduring happiness if life at home is a wreck. If you always prioritize wife or husband and kids as 2nd or 3rd or 5th or 10th, home life will be bland, at best. To have a fulfilling and happy marriage, for example, you must spend the time necessary to send the unmistakable message that speaks to the heart of your spouse: “You are important to me!”


8. Play

Rest and recreation are important parts of living in a stress-filled world. All work and no play doesn’t only make Jack a dull boy, it makes him downright miserable. We need time to rejuvenate, to relax and remove ourselves from the rat race, to prepare to be happier as we jump back into the game. Play adds fun and joy to life. Life is thereby made more enjoyable and, well, fun.



Any one of these characteristics will add joy to your life. Master them all, and the happiness you will experience will make a heaven of the life you are currently experiencing.

Please comment and let me know what “Ps” you would have added to the list.


“This post first appeared on Meant to be Happy.”

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