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Prioritising Gender Intelligence

Prioritising Gender Intelligence

Authors Richard Nesbitt and Barbara Annis on how using ‘gender intelligence’ can help organisations create real growth

Before joining the Global Risk Institute in Financial Services in 2015 as CEO, Richard Nesbitt was Chief Operating Officer of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. This role followed more than 20 years of experience in the securities industry, and more than a decade working on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Nesbitt’s background perfectly places him to build a globally recognised research organisation in the management of emerging risks. At the heart of this work is the exploration of a concept called ‘gender intelligence.’ That is the growing understanding that simply by promoting more women into senior management positions, a company can gain a greater profit share of the market.

It sounds like a no-brainer; yet, despite nearly every study carried out over the past three decades proving companies with women leaders deliver superior performance, the number of women in the C-suites of companies is noticeably low around the world.

Nesbitt and coauthor Barbara Annis explore this paradox in Results at the Top, a new book written for the people who know the value female leaders bring to the highest echelons of organisations, but need tangible ways to get them there.

Through research and illustrative examples from the real world, this book helps both sexes gain a deeper understanding of the pioneering systems that some companies are using to evolve leadership development all the way to the top.

The hope is that Results at the Top’s powerful message will soon start to spread to all corners of the business world.

Barbara Annis is founding partner of Gender Intelligence Group (GIG). She is the author of Same Words, Different Language, Third Edition, and coauthor of several books, including Gender Intelligence and Work With Me.

Richard Nesbitt is president and CEO of Global Risk Institute. He is also adjunct professor at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and chair of the advisory board to its Mind Brain Behaviour Hive.

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