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The Thing That Happens When You Hang Out With Positive People by Alden Tan

Do you know how to be positive?  There’s one really fucking simple way:

Surround yourself with positive people

That’s the straight-up truth which even a douche bag like me knows. Forget meditation, the law of attraction, “focusing on the good of your life”, counting your lucky stars, being thankful for every damn thing, watching inspirational shit, reasoning out your troubles and negativity, reading up quotes, smiling like a retarded person for no reason and other garbage.

Fuck all that!

Yeah sure they all work in their own right, but I strongly believe in surrounding yourself with positive people to become positive.

If you are thinking, “Wait a minute, so why would people want to hang out with Alden Tan who is a douchebag?”. I am actually super awesome and I emanate joy and leak pleasure to my friends.


What happens when you surround yourself with positive people:

– It will definitely rub off on you.

Positive people have a good outlook in life. They see the goodness in people and life, and most importantly, they have drive. Positive people don’t give up or let this shitty world put them down. With that, you would feel inspire to do the same.

It only makes sense. If you keep hanging out with assholes who put you down or only constantly want to get something out of you, you are not going to gain anything. In fact, you are going to lose out and not fully realize your potential.

– You would get tons of encouragement and the right kind of support

Not much to elaborate here. Whatever you want to do, positive people would encourage you and basically say the right thing.

– You would feel great

Ever had the feeling you are forced to hang out and look at some douche bag you don’t even like? That feeling is fucked up. Hang out with people you love; positive people and all your worries would go away.

– Be fucking inspired

Positive people aren’t normal at all. And I mean it in a good way. They go beyond and do shit you won’t expect. Have you ever seen your friends or people feel totally cool and calm over things that would definitely piss you off? Everyone has their moments yes, but sometimes you got to REALLY see it with your own eyes to feel the inspiration. Don’t be all like, “Oh yeah I heard about this and that from this and that guy, cool, whatever”.

So if it’s so fucking easy, why don’t we do it?


Because we are constantly making up excuses for ourselves. If it’s not this, it’s that.

1. “Oh I was just being civil”. This is what most people like to tell others when they are asked why they are hanging out with a certain asshole they loathe. They bitch and gossip behind their backs, but in person they are like all, “Aww shit how are you?” and then justify it by saying they were only being civil or polite. The question is then: Why even fucking bother? Would you stare at a pile of shit hoping you would get used to the smell?

2. “Oh he’s actually not too bad…“. We try to see the good in people, too fucking desperately. We justify our anger and negative feelings with a tiny glimmer of hope. With what? That time that bitch who bothered to wish you happy birthday, like once? That time that asshole who said hi, surprisingly? That cool story you merely HEARD of him or her?

Think of it as maths: You can spend 80% of your time feeling upset over someone, then 20% feeling alright because of a small factor. Obvious truth right there.

3. “He’s my friend and he didn’t use to be like that“. News flash dawg, people change. Like 2), some of us cling on to hope that people are actually good, especially your close friends. That’s true, but what’s the point when it’s making you upset and negative MOST of the time? If he or she is truly your friend, they won’t be dumping shit on you and constantly making you upset. And if you are a true friend yourself, you tell them how you feel, make a firm stand that you can’t take this shit no more, and as a last resort: fall out as that may actually bring out positive effects on them.

4. “He’s my boss”. Yeah I know, work is important, I need the money blah blah blah. It’s up to you to quit. You know that shitty feeling you have specifically from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm? It’s all on you.

I can fucking name tons of other excuses. The point is: We are making up excuses. Happiness is a choice. Positivity is ALSO a choice. All of us need to learn the art of letting go.

For me? I liken the above excuses to my teenage years, when the angst was fucking everywhere. I have grown up, and I decided I don’t need to deal with fucked up people anymore. I have fallen out with quite a few friends, and guess what? It feels fucking awesome. I simply didn’t look back.

Look forward, find cool people, stick with them, and be happy.


This post first appeared on Alden Tan.

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