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How The Secrets Of Charisma Will Make You Shine by Nikki Owen


Is Charisma a transcendental power or simply an airy-fairy development fad? Nikki Owen, UK’s leading expert in The Charisma Model, has devoted five years testing and developing her charisma blueprint during regular seminars. In this article, she shares her thoughts on charisma and how it can be developed.


What is it that causes people to turn their heads and stare at the individual who has just entered a packed networking event? What is that motivates the traditional Bank of England to offer the Governor of the Bank of Canada one of the most powerful jobs in the UK? How is it that Boris Johnson manages to effortlessly grab the headlines when David Cameron’s press and media machine would pay good money for his vote-winning appeal? Why has Mary Portas’s career as a retail expert bagged her a government appointed position to lead a review into the future of Britain’s high streets?


The answer is charisma – a powerful presence that affords the individual who possess it high levels of impact and influence. Charisma leverages the odds of achieving desired outcomes and accelerates career progression and achievement. You know when somebody has it, because people notice them, pay attention to what they say, and gravitate towards them. The history books and media are full of examples of famous people who either possessed or still do possess high levels of charisma. Disturbingly, charisma can be a ‘gift’ that is bestowed on the unworthy as well as the worthy. It chooses not to distinguish between good or bad. It purely provides its recipients with varying levels of all-encompassing attraction.


From a successful leadership perspective, charisma is now the latest corporate ‘must have’ and the case for developing charisma has accelerated following recent research. According to Harvard Business Review and The University of Lausanne, charismatic leaders outperform their non-charismatic peers by about 60 per cent. Further studies have shown that charismatic people, are more resilient, find it easier to build strong relationships, build higher levels of engagement and are generally happier. Yet there are two issues that determine our charismatic potential:


  • What is it exactly? If you can’t define it (and there are many varying definitions of it) then you can’t teach it, let alone measure it.


  • If you attempt to teach charisma with ‘behaviours’ that are not aligned with an individual’s core, authentic self, then they unwittingly come across as fake and contrived. Charming perhaps, but certainly not charismatic.


Today, a combination of modern science with ancient wisdom is making major insights into charisma possible. By drawing upon scientific principles, psychology and extensive research-based studies and combining these with esoteric philosophies, there is an internal blueprint for charisma.


Charisma is an authentic power that captivates the hearts and minds of others, or, to put it another way, when you are being ‘you’ and you love what you do, you


shine. That means, regardless of your individual personality, whether you are introverted, extroverted, conscientious, affable, independent or trusting, you can unleash your own brand of charisma in a way that is aligned with who you really are inside.

The quickest way to develop charisma is to adopt an ‘inside out’ approach and develop five internal attributes. Charismatic

people have high self esteem and feel ‘comfortable in their own skin’. When people possess high self-esteem, they become relaxed about showing others their true self. Charismatic individuals have a strong driving force and live their life based on what is important to them. Often referred to as ‘values’, these drive and motivate behaviour, so that individuals appear dynamic, passionate and enthusiastic. Charismatic individuals possess exceptional sensory awareness that allows them to tap into the feelings and the emotions of others. This makes them compelling to listen to. Charismatic people have a compelling vision of what they want. This creates a strong energy of intent that others can feel. Scientific and medical discoveries have proven that strong intentions result in physical manifestations. Charismatic people have a high energy that perpetuates and builds energy within others, creating a ‘feel good’ factor.

You have the potential to become charismatic, because when you are feeling comfortable, confident and passionate about what you are doing, you radiate an aura of energy that captivates the attention of people around you. Once you begin to tap into your own charisma resource you active even more of your power to grow, expand and attain more of the results you want in all aspects of your life.



Find out how much of your charismatic potential you are utilising by completing the free charisma profiling tool at http://charismamodel.com/profiling-too/

For more information about Nikki Owen and her Charisma Model visit www.charismamodel.com




Nikki Owen

Nikki Owen, UK’s Leading Expert in Charisma is the Founder of The Charisma Model Programme and the creator of The Big Apple Experiment. In 1978 at The Old Bailey, Nikki’s life was changed forever when she witnessed a charismatic barrister making legal history. This event inspired her to question whether charisma can be developed and to what extent charisma impacts on business success. Following global research with 2663 organisations (conducted in association with Nightingale-Conant Corporation, leaders in self-development) Nikki developed a blueprint to help any individual increase their natural charisma to increase performance, engagement and activate higher levels of health and happiness. Nikki then embarked upon a rigorous testing process to prove the efficacy of her methods, described as being at the frontiers of learning and development development, and began running regular masterclasses at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre - An Audience with Charisma - for hundreds of individuals from varying industry sectors and job functions for five years between 2008 - 2012. In 2010, Nikki created The Big Apple Experiment that dramatically demonstrates the impact of why a survival mindset sabotages individual growth and provides a fascinating metaphor for the growing issue of employee disengagement. This pioneering experiment was inspired by Dr Masaru Emoto who claims that human thought has a direct observable effect on the structural formation of water crystals and Bruce Lipton Ph.D. a cellular biologist who’s discoveries have shown the interaction between your mind and body. In 2012, Nikki launched The Charisma Model Programme for businesses wanting to improve engagement, productivity, energy and confidence with employees by developing the charismatic potential of leadership teams, talent and high potentials. Using her unique STAR process that guarantees personal transformation, Nikki works internationally coaching and mentoring hundreds of CEOs, Leaders and Board Directors from FTSE 100 organisations and SMEs. As the demand for her services grew, Nikki began training and accrediting a small team of individuals to use her methods - Charisma Coaches. Nikki is an official political commentator for Aljazeera Television and The Sunday Tribune and is Positivity Advisor to The Expotel Group. In 2012 Nikki became an Executive Faculty at Henley Business School where she teaches her Charisma Model to International Business Leaders. As a speaker, Nikki’s controversial and inspirational style earned her the award for Rising Star 2012 from The Academy for Chief Executives. She is the winner of London’s Professional Speaking Association’s Speaker Factor 2012 and Best New Speaker 2013 by Vistage International

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