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October 2014

To quote a phrase that has become synonymous with the Golden Age of television, winter is coming. Time to get out those woolly jumpers and scarves, and start indulging in comfort food. Luckily we have a great issue for you this month – perfect for cuddling up with a yummy hot chocolate, complete with whipped cream and sprinkles.

She said that Girls, Girls, Girls rule the world, and she’s certainly proving those lyrics true. This month’s cover star is none other than the incomparable Queen Bey – ruler of the R&B world and the personification of modern feminism. We take a look at the person behind all that and find out she’s human after all. Then Justin Stoneman talks to Dan Reinstein; an ophthalmologist that is helping people with limited means see clearly.

City living can be a bit of a grind. Wake up, go to work, squeeze in a gym session before rushing home to make dinner for the family. Sounds a bit monotonous, right? Well it turns out not all cities were created equal. We take a look at the six cities in the world with the best quality of life. You might be considering relocation after reading it.

We are also continuing our ‘What does it take..?’ column, and this month we chat to A&E nurse, Charlotte Jaye about her difficult but rewarding career. And since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, we spoke to Yinka Ebo from Breakthrough about how to reduce your chances of developing breast cancer through prevention and early detection.

Did you know that social media companies are conducting experiments on you? Both Facebook and OKCupid recently admitted to toying with their users’ emotions by filtering what they see on their timelines and matching people who have very little in common. We look at why they do this and discover that their reasons are sound.

All this and so much more!

All contributors include: Dr. Lisa Turner, Mel Carnegie, Justin Stoneman, Paul Farmer, Jim Aitkins, Yinka Ebo, Keli Roberts, Angela Steel, Sophie Andrews, Gerry Roberts, Vincent Wong and Bryan Szabo.


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