November 2014

Welcome to another great issue of The Best You. Packed with great content, featured interviews and articles to help you become the best you can be. As the air gets cooler and the days gets shorter, we are working around the clock to make each issue of The Best You better than the last. We’d love to hear how you think we are doing, so if you have any comments, criticisms or compliments, don’t be shy.

It seems like he has just popped up out of nowhere and taken the screen and stage (and a fair amount of hearts) by storm, but this interview with Benedict Cumberbatch shows that it’s actually been a slow burn. He has been acting in classics on the stage since high school, and has recently made his mark on the small screen with Sherlock and the big screen with Star Trek Into Darkness. And we can assure you, this man is no one-trick pony. We also feature an interview with Carol West, who along with her husband Andrew, founded the Obsidian Retreat. As recently as 2008, they were both living very unhealthy lives, but they changed it all around and have never felt better.

The calendar might be telling you that it’s November, but a men’s health campaign that has taken the world by storm calls it by a different name. Movember is a time for letting those facial tresses grow out to raise awareness for men’s health issues. So be a bro and grow that mo.

We are also continuing our ‘What does it take..?’ column, and this month we chat to renowned journalist, Lester Kiewit about his challenging career in the world of broadcast journalism. And since it’s World Diabetes Day this month, Libby Dowling from Diabetes UK chats with us about how to reduce your chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Have you joined the online dating revolution? Apparently 40 per cent of new couples meet online these days, but there are those who believe that it’s killing the romance and spontaneity of ‘real world’ love. We chat to a few people about their feelings towards this recent phenomenon. And to round off this issue, associate editor Bryan Szabo looks at some great gadgets that will smarten up your home.

All this and so much more!

All contributors include: Anne Jirsch, Robin Sharma, Jim Aitkins, Lester Kiewit, Libby Dowling, Lisa Turner, Rhiannon Lambert, Steve Bolton, Garret B. Gunderson and Bryan Szabo.


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