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What I need to know about love – by Andi Evans


I find myself being more conscious about love and the decisions I make, the steps I take. I am more aware of the consequences of my words and opinions, and find myself thinking before I act.

Yesterday the topic of responding to painful situations came up on my radio show. And I recognized the importance of asking myself the question, who is responding? If my ego is responding, the situation will likely escalate and end up in an uncomfortable place. If my heart is responding, I know I am standing up for love, and pointing myself in the direction of my truth.

By taking some time to breathe and stepping away from reacting to life, we allow our true self to shine and guide us. The outcomes to situations are more pleasant, and more truthful. We live in authenticity instead of a fabricated tug-of-war.
Asking myself who is reacting? who is responding? who is judging? helps me to remember who I am at my core, and live a more peaceful, love-filled life. When I ask love to guide me I am comforted and content. I am allowing life to flow through me. I also realize life is a lot easier when I let love show me the way. There are no tough questions. The answers are always right here for me. I just have to be willing to hear them.

This article first appeared on http://blog.spreadhappy.com. Copyright 2013 Andi Evans, all rights reserved.


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