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Naturally better health

Naturally better health

Founder of Activation Products Ian Clark is on his mission to make you healthier

The ethos ‘premium products for naturally better health’ underpins everything Activation Products does. The organisation, founded by Ian Clark, seeks to inspire and enable people to live better lives through tried-and-tested, ethically sourced and trustworthy products.

Clark founded Activation Products in 2007 after a period of ill health. “Eleven years ago, my health was at rock bottom and I nearly lost my life,” says Clark. “It wasn’t alcohol or drugs. My health crisis was caused by something a lot more dangerous: ignorance.”

Living a stressful life with a demanding job and family life, Clark says he ate “the ‘standard’ American diet” and took little exercise.

“I used to live my life like I was running on empty. I was overworked and under-rested, never thinking about what I put into my body. I’d neglected my health for years, thinking I was invincible, thinking nutrition didn’t matter. But I was overweight, sick and nearing a breakdown,” said Clark. “My body started to unravel. Doctors told me I was suffering from multiple conditions. They said I probably only had ten years left.”

At the age of 46, Clark decided to change his life and reclaim his future. Not by stuffing himself with pills or having drastic surgery, but by living a healthy, balanced life. He turned his life around and it became his mission to help others do the same, searching for products that provide people with a better quality of life.

In the decade since he set up Activation Products, Clark has empowered thousands of people around the globe, helping them sustain their best selves, naturally.

Drawing on years of research, Activation Products makes premium products and supplements using the purest, most potent natural ingredients found on Earth.

“It still feels crazy,” says Clark. “Crazy that it’s been 10 years since my family and I actually took the leap and started Activation Products.”

“It was my oldest son Anthony who snapped me out of it and made me wake up to the sobering fact that you reap what you sow. He woke me up and reminded me that things only get better when you make them better,” says Clark.

“I remember the day Anthony came to me. He was calm, collected and said to me ‘you’re sick and broken. You don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself.’ In that moment I decided to take my life back. In that moment I decided that if I was broken, it was time to rebuild. That was the day Activation Products was born.”

Activation Products didn’t start off as a company, but as a vision for a brighter, healthier future, according to Clark it is “a promise of feeling good (naturally), of youthful ageing and of reaching the top level of health no matter your starting point.”

Although it’s not a one-size–fits-all solution to better health, Clark highly recommends adding marine phytoplankton, magnesium and seed oils to your daily diet. If that sounds simple, it’s because it is. Clark says that “the hardest part is accepting how simple the answers are.”

For more information visit www.activationproducts.com

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