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Moving On Up – Secrets To An Upbeat And Happy Life by Nita Saini


Nita Saini talks about Moving On Up, a little handbook to happiness that she has just published, and reveals how it grew from her own personal experience of depression, and how to handle it.


Moving on Up! Was a seed of an idea 6 years ago. It’s taken 6 years to come to fruition – to write, publish and print. There have been many challenges to overcome. However, I’ve felt compelled to write it.
I suffered with depression for 7 years. For four of those years I was on high doses of anti-depressants. After all the pain, anguish and trauma I went through in my own recovery, I so wanted to help others recover by sharing what I learnt. Which is why my book was borne.
When I was at the deepest , darkest depths of depression, I didn’t want to live anymore. I felt like I was such a bad role for my two young girls. It was such a horrible place to be. I just wanted to die.
I even tried to find a book to help me. The books I found were too long, theoretical, complicated and depressing. My brain was too fuzzy to take in long words and complicated techniques that would take months to adopt. I just wanted  something that was straight to the point, that didn’t talk about why I felt the way I did, but how I could recover.
I therefore embarked on a quest of recovery. I tried many therapies. That didn’t work. I was at the end of my tether. I was grateful to find someone to help me when I most needed it. I then further improved myself by going on self development courses.
When I had recovered and was off my high dose of anti-depressants,  I  said to myself “ I know that with the right help, people do recover ” and I also said “ These life changing strategies are too good – I have to share them with others” So I made it my mission to write this book.
A book that would be concise, practical, easy to follow, uplifting, portable and of course that worked! The portable bit was really important – when I was recovering I would carry bits of paper around with me in my bag or pockets to remind me how to change my unsupportive thoughts/behaviours. This helped me to alter ingrained unsupportive habits that had been with me for some 40 years. Thankfully, within five months of adopting these new strategies, I was off my antidepressants, however time scales for one person may not be the same as for another. There is no right or wrong.
Moving on Up! Is for anyone – man or woman, young or old or who are struggling to cope with the pace and pressures of modern day living or someone who knows they can be happier and wants to find out ‘how’ they can do that.
I have experienced the pain that people feel when they are depressed or when they are feeling other unhelpful thoughts like anxiety, guilt, overwhelm, or  fear. I want to make a difference, to empower others  to massively reduce or eliminate that pain, to bring back people’s  passion for living. I want to empower people to be the best that they can be. This is my deepest desire!

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