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March for Giants

March for Giants

The Best You supports this global digital campaign to raise awareness of the elephant poaching crisis

Every day over 55 elephants are killed for their tusks. If poaching levels continue at this rate, the species could die out within a generation.

March for Giants is a digital campaign that creates a virtual herd of elephants who travel across digital billboards around the world to raise awareness of the poaching crisis.

You can join the March by making a donation of just £6 or USD $8 and creating personalised elephant to join the herd. Support will help protect the world’s remaining elephant populations.

The virtual herd will travel across billboards in iconic cities, including New York, London and Melbourne. They will also march across social media, as thousands of people share photos of their elephant in each city.

March for Giants 2018 will run from 1-17 March, and all proceeds will be directed to Space for Giants to carry out frontline protection work on the ground in Africa. This work includes training armed Rapid Response Teams to deter poachers, working with Africa’s judicial system to strengthen penalties for wildlife crimes, and building electrified fences to keep elephants safe from farmers who view them as pests.

Together we can march to secure a future elephants.

For more information visit www.marchforgiants.org

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