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The March of a Dreamer: You’ll Never Be Free of Fear by Tess Marshall


I really don’t remember being a fearful kid. I grew up on a farm and had a working childhood. As one of 10 children, I was too busy trying to survive, get my share or get noticed. Nothing really scared me. I learned how to be tough.


It wasn’t until I was in my late 20s and married with children that I became afraid.


When I was afraid my children would grow up to be smokers, I decided to quit smoking and become a runner.


When I was afraid my kids would get into trouble, I involved them in sports and other activities.


When I was afraid of being a bad mother, I read parenting books and attended parenting classes.


When I was afraid my children were smothering me, I signed up for art classes and joined a softball team.


When I was afraid we didn’t have enough money, I worked my butt off and started my own flower business.


When I was afraid I was failing in my marriage, I took responsibility, hired a counselor, and changed.


When I was afraid I wasn’t smart enough to attend college, I signed up for “How to Study and Speed Reading.”


When I was afraid I wouldn’t earn enough money, I got my master’s degree in counseling psychology.


When I was afraid I’d always be working for somebody else, I started my private practice.


When I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough clients or money, I wrote a book.


When I was afraid I wouldn’t sell my books, I became a professional speaker.


When I was afraid my grandchildren wouldn’t know me, I scheduled regular play time, I helped with their school projects and invited them to go on vacation with us.


When I was afraid I’d be stuck in cold weather for the rest of my life, I moved to the Southwest even though my license to practice psychology wouldn’t be valid.


When I was afraid I’d never be technical savvy, I started a blog.


When I was afraid I’d never make money, I wrote e-books, created e-courses and started working as a courage coach.


Now I’m afraid of growing old. To counteract my fear I eat healthy, continue to run and laughter and fun are part of my daily routine.


I understand that anything can happen. But I believe the Universe has my back and I’ve trained myself to believe the best is yet to come.


We’ll always have fear. The best way to overcome your fear is to make a plan and take action. That’s what I’ve done and will always do.


I encourage you to look at your own life and your past fears. You’ll be surprised at how many you’ve overcome. You’ll be encouraged to keep marching toward your dreams and to make the rest of your life the best of your life as well.


“This post first appeared on The Bold Life.”

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